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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 1968
Headquarters New Jersey, United States
Key people Duane Whitlow (Founder)
Stan Rintel (Founder)
Josh Rogers (CEO)
Krish Venkataraman (CFO & COO) [1]
Investors Clearlake Capital Group
Number of employees 225
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Syncsort, almost a 50 year old computer software company, provides enterprise software for organizations across the big data continuum with a smarter way to collect and process the ever-expanding data by delivering results in less time, less cost, and with fewer resources. They work on bridging the gaps between Big Iron and Big Data technologies. Syncsort software provides specialized solutions spanning “Big Iron to Big Data,” including next generation analytical platforms such as Hadoop, cloud, and Splunk. Syncsort's products are used in more than 85 countries to offload expensive and inefficient legacy data workloads, speed data warehouse and mainframe processing, and optimize cloud data integration.
Syncsort and Cloudera provide an enterprise-ready Hadoop platform that is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective—an integrated solution that drives bigger insights for all your enterprise data, from mainframe to streaming data sources, and everything in between. Syncsort DMX-h high-performance ETL software was designed from the ground up for Hadoop and has made to the Apache community. DMX-h provides an intuitive design interface and a Hadoop native runtime engine to optimize the performance and efficiency of data integration processes on Hadoop and other distributed frameworks, while simplifying the creation and maintenance of these processes. [2]


Over the years, Syncsort has been providing solutions for Cloud, Hadoop, Mainframe, Linix, Unix, Windows and Splunk. They have come up with various products creating tools for Big Data, Sorting and for Mainframe.

Big Data

These tools help in Big Data integration, migration, and transformation challenges.Data integration best practices include making full use of cloud resources.

  • Syncsort DMX: DMX reduces the cost and complexity of data integration by freeing up database capacity, delivering up to 10x faster performance, and eliminating the need for manual coding and tuning.DMX is the only data integration tool with a Smart ETL Optimizer. DMX dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms based on the data structures and system attributes it encounters at run-time. The ETL optimizer automatically adapts and optimizes itself to the exact characteristics of any particular job and system.
  • Syncsort DMX-h: It is specifically designed to help achieve modern data strategy objectives with a single interface for accessing and integrating all the enterprise data sources, batch and streaming, across Hadoop, Spark, Linux, Unix or Windows, on premise or in the cloud. DMX-h, Amazon EMR edition delivers the ETL functionality you need for Amazon EMR, enabling you to fast-track your productivity and deliver results quickly.
  • Ironcluster Hadoop ETL for Amazon EMR: the only Hadoop ETL app available on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Ironcluster ETL for Amazon EC2: It isnow available on the AWS Marketplace, instantly on Amazon EC2 Cloud.
  • Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL: It provides solutions to extend the capabilities of Hadoop, turning it into a highly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use data integration environment.

Syncsort helps organizations around the world drive performance through sort. It Dynamically selects algorithms and Maximizes throughput by Eliminating resource inefficiencies

  • DMX Sort Edition: The most advanced sort features which helps easily move the same sort job between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms with full backward compatibility.
  • DMX AppMod Edition: All of the functionality of DMX Sort plus additional features to aid in mainframe application modernization projects.
  • MFX for Mainframe: High-Performance Sort for z Systems. Syncsort MFX for z/OS will reduce CPU costs and help meet batch window requirements while optimizing resource management and overall system efficiency - and plug compatible with the IBM sort.

Syncsort provides High-performance products for mainframe migration and modernization.

  • Syncsort Ironstream: This makes it simple to securely process mainframe log data into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, giving you a real-time, 360-degree view.
  • Syncsort MFX : It Reduces billable CPU time and contain overall software costs and Support more processing in an LPAR and free up capacity. It also helps to meet SLAs/batch window to reduce risk and associated business costs.
  • Syncsort ZPSaver Suite: This is a set of specialized utilities to offload Copy, SMS Compression and Sort jobs to zIIP processors, effectively reducing the workload on the main CPU.
  • Syncsort ZEN: It offers a selection of specialized components that provide network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting and security, tailored to match your unique needs.
  • Syncsort DL/2: This helps in Rapid, Risk-free Data Migration for IMS.
  • Syncsort VS/2: This is a data migration and application transparency solution that enables the rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2 without application changes.


  • 1968 - Syncsort was founded
  • 1980's - 2000's - Syncsort continued to add sort, join and aggregate algorithms to the SyncSort library, earning several more patents, and providing customers with a more flexible, more robust solution. It also released versions of SyncSort for Windows, Linux and UNIX.
  • 2004 - Syncsort expanded its capabilities to include data integration and introduced DMExpress
  • 2008 - Syncsort technology, DMExpress earned the ETL World Record
  • 2010 - NetApp, Syncsort Team On Cloud Data Protection
  • 2013 - Syncsort Acquires Circle Computer Group
  • 2015 - Syncsort Acquires William Data Systems and Clearlake Capital Purchases Syncsort
  • 2016 - Syncsort adds native support for Spark and Kafka to help users modernize their analytics environments and partners with Hortonworks



The featured Hadoop Alliance Partners are Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Pivotal.
The featured Technology Partners are Amazon Web Services, Appfluent, Dell, HP Vertica, IBM, Microfocus, Microsoft, Oracle, Splunk, Tableau, Teradata and Waterline.
The featured Global System Integrators are Cognizant, HP, Infosys, Syntel, TCS and Wipro.
There are also various Regional System Integrators and Resellers. [4]


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Top 5 Recent Tweets

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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • Syncsort Appoints Software Industry Veteran to Lead Growing Mainframe Business - Syncsort has appointed accomplished software executive David Hodgson to lead its rapidly growing mainframe business. [5]
  • Syncsort adds native support for Spark and Kafka to help users modernize their analytics environments - Syncsort Inc. is moving to ease the task for users of its DMX-h tool today by adding native integration with the engine that removes the need to manually rewrite analytics workflows as part of the transition. [6]
  • Hortonworks and Syncsort Partner to Provide Optimized ETL Onboarding for Hadoop - Hortonworks will resell Syncsort’s DMX-h for onboarding ETL processing in Hadoop. With this partnership, Hortonworks and Syncsort are providing a trusted solution for integrating legacy ETL flows in Connected Data Platforms. [7]
  • Syncsort targets mainframe data with enhanced Hadoop ETL tool - Syncsort Inc. wants to clear the bottleneck for organizations that still have information locked away in big iron with a new iteration of its DMX-h migration tool that is rolling out this morning. [8]
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio Gains Easy Access to Vital Mainframe Security Data in Real Time via Syncsort Ironstream® and Splunk Enterprise - Medical Mutual of Ohio is using Syncsort’s unique Ironstream® software to make mainframe security data available in real time to the Splunk® Enterprise platform to help protect customer information stored in DB2 from unauthorized access. [9]



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