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About Verify.Wiki

Verify.Wiki helps companies create Wiki pages for content marketing

Consumers like the simplicity of Wikis to consume content. Research shows more than 80% of internet users first go to Wikipedia to learn about a company, brand or topic before venturing out to the company websites. Wikipedia is not commercial and won't allow businesses to create pages to promote content. Verify.Wiki gives an alternate trusted place for consumers to learn about your company, brand or topics, where companies can create Wikipedia style content.

Verify.Wiki combines the power of Wikipedia with a Social Network. Verify.Wiki = Wikipedia + LinkedIn

Company Pages

Ipreo (Financial Services Technology)

Blue Apron (Online Food Delivery)

Jogo Health (Digital Healthcare)

ZZW Global (Oil and Energy)

ThoughtSpot (Data Science)

Product Pages

Centrum Vitamints (Consumer Product)

Alka-Seltzer Consumer (Consumer Product)

Topic Pages

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Data Science

Apache Hive