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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2010
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Key people Billy Bosworth (CEO)
Jonathan Ellis (Co-Founder & CTO)
Matt Pfeil (Co-Founder & COO)
Dennis Wolf (CFO)[1]
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Datastax, formerly known as Riptano, is a California-based Commercial Database Software provider for Cloud applications. Datastax's software is built on the open source, distributed NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra. Datastax provides 24x7 customer service support and also offers professional services and training directly or through an extensive partner network. Datastax claims that its software is used by Fortune 100 Companies in United States and internationally.

DataStax is backed by industry-leading investors including Comcast Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meritech Capital, Premji Invest and Scale Venture Partners and raised a total of $190M. The company is located in six global locations: Santa Clara, Austin, London, Paris, Sidney and Tokyo.


  • DataStax Enterprise,[2]a database for cloud applications that builds on Apache Cassandra and is used for online applications that require fast performance with no downtime.
  • DataStax OpsCenter, a Web-based visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise that provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with capabilities to ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.
  • DataStax Enterprise that provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with capabilities to ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.
  • DataStax DevCenter, a tool that allows developers to create and run CQL queries and commands against Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise

Datastax also offers services to help customers closely to adopt to Datastax Enterprise platform [3]

  • DataStax Startup Program specifically designed for startup companies with less than $5M in annual revenue and $50M in capital raised to have unlimited free use of Datastax Enterprise.


  • 2010 - Datastax was found by Jonathan Ellis and Matt Pfeil
  • 2011- Datastax Enterprise 1.0 was released and lands $11 million to further develop the NoSQL data store
  • 2012 - DataStax Lands $25 million in Series C Round
  • 2013 - DataStax pushes NoSQL into Europe with new London-based subsidiary
  • 2014- Apache Cassandra gets in-memory option with DataStax Enterprise 4.0
  • 2015- Datastax Acquires Aurelius, the company behind TitanDB graph Database
  • 2016 - Datastax Announces Datastax Enterprise 5.0

Awards & Recognitions

  • Datastax recognized as winner for 2016 Microsoft Alliance Global Commercial ISV Partner[4]
  • Datastax listed in The Companies That Matter Most in Data DBTA 100' in 2016,2015 [5][6]
  • Datastax is recognized in The 2016 SD Times 100: Best in Show in Software Development[7]
  • Datastax was recognized by CRN in one among 30 Coolest Data Management Vendors,2016 Big Data 100[8]
  • Datastax was listed in 100 top companies to watch for remote jobs in 2016 by FlexJobs [9]
  • Datastax was listed as one among The Top 50 Companies Driving Big Data Innovation, Big Data 50 in 2015 [10]
  • CRN recognized Datastax as 2015 top Emerging Vendors[11], Top 100 Data Management Company[12], one among the 10 Coolest Big Data Startups in 2014[13] and in 2012[14]
  • Datastax was listed in the 2015 SD Times 100Best in Show in Software Development[15]
  • Datastax was shortlistd for the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards[16]
  • Datastax was recognized by Forbes as The Next Billion Dollar startups in 2015[17]
  • San Francisco Business Times recognised Datastax as one of the Best places to Work in 2015[18]
  • Data Science Central recognized Datastax as one among the 5 Big Data Startups that Matter in 2012[19]


Datastax has developed partnerships with over 115 companies, most of which are listed below,

Consulting And Services Partners - Accenture,Cloudwick,Open Source Connections,Pythian,Wipro,ABDA Technology & Services,Aditi, Adweko Group,Agile Lab,Aptus Data Labs,Arismore,AT Consulting,BDOSS,Big Industries,Braintri Consulting,Cake Solutions,CapTech,Cartesian,Caserta Concepts,CDLK Services,Cloud Niners,codecentric,contentteam AG,Cognitum,Comiit,Conspect Consulting,Core Networks,DataFactZ and few others.

Applications Partners - CodeMettle,Computer Associates,,Dynatrace,Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories,Hightail,NetApp,Openwave Messaging,ThingWorx.

Cloud Partners - Google Cloud Platform,Microsoft Azure,Bigstep, CenturyLink,Cloud9 Charts,Instaclustr,Pivotal,Rackspace.

Technology Partners - Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.,Appscale,pigee,Azul Systems,Cambridge Intelligence,Centrify Corporation,Cisco,Cirro,Cloudera,Cloudsoft,Driven, Inc.,Confluent, Inc,Databricks,Datameer,Datos IO,Data Center Warehouse (DCW),Datawatch,EMC,Eucalyptus,Fluent,Hortonworks,Hewlett Packard Enterprise,HVR Software,I/O Switch,Informatica,Intelligent Software Solutions,Jaspersoft,K2View,Linkurious,Mesosphere,nextevolution AG,PSSC Labs,Pentaho,Reltio,Red Hat,SAP,Simba,SPARQL City,Splunk,Tableau Software,Talena, Inc.,Talend,Tesora,Tom Sawyer Software,Typesafe,Volansys Technologies,Vormetric.[20]


The featured Customers of Datastax are ING, Netflix, UBS,eBay,Target,CapitalOne,Mint Bills, Comcast.[21]



Top 5 Recent Tweets

April 18, 2023Digital_Dragons🎮 Please welcome @DataStax - silver sponsor of Digital Dragons 2023! ✅ TICKETS:
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April 18, 2023USDCAlerts💰$26,400,597.00 $USDC transferred from 0xa69b…e78c to 0x88e6…5640 See the full transaction:…
April 18, 2023USDCAlerts💰$26,321,153.00 $USDC transferred from 0x88e6…5640 to 0xa69b…e78c See the full transaction:…

Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • DataStax gets graph DB and Titan gets rewrite-DataStax Enterprise 5.0 couples a Cassandra store with a version of the open source Titan graph DB. The goal is fast analytics closely tied to fast transactions.[22]
  • Datastax comes for Oracle's lunch with new graph database release[23]
  • Beyond Titan: The Evolution of DataStax’s New Graph Database[24]
  • DataStax Updates Cassandra-Based Database for Cloud Apps[25]
  • Datos IO and DataStax Partner to Deliver Scale-Out Data Protection for Next-Generation Applications and Apache Cassandra[26]


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