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Jogo Health
Type Private
Industry Digital Health
Founded 2016
Slogan Helping Muscle and Brain Work Together
Headquarters Bridgewater, NJ
Key people Sanjai Murali
Number of employees 1-10

Jogo Health is a digital health company that makes a portable biofeedback system called "Jogo" to help patients with movement disorders train the healthy parts of their brain regain control of the muscles. Jogo Portable Biofeedback System combines a portable EMG device with an innovative mobile application built based on years of research on EMG biofeedback.

Patients with movement disorders caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and host of other conditions, most often require long term rehabilitation – their stories and struggles inspired founders to create Jogo Portable Biofeedback System. Jogo means “game” in Portugese. The name is also a tribute to pioneering work done by Dr. Joseph Brudny and Dr. Gordon Silverman in the field of rehabilitation long before the world had portable sensors and computing devices.

While the initial impetus for Jogo Portable Biofeedback System was rehabilitation of movement disorders of neurological basis, Jogo Portable Biofeedback System is useful for general purpose physical training and rehabilitation - strengthening, coordinated activation and inhibition of muscles, and for learning of correct movement patterns.


  • 2016 - Jogo Health was founded
  • April 2016 - Project Walk Atlanta signs a contract to provide Jogo to its patients


See how it works

Jogo Portable Biofeedback System improves by a magnitude on what was on offer in similar class of equipment. Jogo Portable Biofeedback System offers easy set up and use, portability, ability to configure exercises and games, and simple interface that is easy for the trained specialist as well as the home user.

Product Pricing

Jogo Portable Biofeedback System is available for purchase as well as rental for short term use. For pricing information:

Facilities that use Jogo Portable Biofeedback System

See Jogo Portable Biofeedback System

jogO for ACL, Pelvic Floor

jogO is a revolutionary state of the art and easy to use biofeedback devise.  jogO’s  small size and ease of use is much more compatible with functional training than the other two biofeedback devices we have owned in the past.  The visual feedback of jogO is so much better then old lights going up and down with bleeps.  jogO’s nonproprietary electrodes are much more economical than industry standard all in one electrodes.  It also allows custom placement options unlike other biofeedback devices.  We have had great results with patients following ACL reconstructions, and Knee arthoplasty.  We have also used jogO for abdominal wall monitoring for pelvic floor patients with much better outcome. 

Ajay M Kalola, LPT

Central Jersey Physical Therapy Associates

Old Bridge, NJ

jogO for Bells Palsy

"Bells palsy patient x 16 years, had recent facial reanimation surgery/temporalis lap. 6 weeks post op, she had minimal contraction/excursion of her mouth for swallowing, pursing lip, raising top lip, smiling with closed mouth. With use of jogO device, the patient steadily improved her ability to open smile with large increase in amplitude of contraction via the biofeedback. She started at a 1/5 and is now up to a 3/5 muscle contraction.

After about 3 weeks of using we are now working on the ability to hold the contraction and the jogO device is giving us a much better way to monitor her ability to hold contractions.”

- JFK Johnson Rehab, NJ

jogO for Monitoring Muscle Activity

"jogO is a wonderful tool that is easy to use to create awareness of muscle activity and pattern of movement. This leads to corrective training strategies which makes the patient aware and engaged in their own rehabilitation."

- Kristen Parisi, PT

Fredricksburg, VA

Patient Success Stories: Jogo Portable Biofeedback System

Today, patients from all around the world use Jogo Portable Biofeedback System in their homes and rehab clinics with ease, without tethering themselves to large machines and probes. The advanced wearable technology and game design of Jogo Portable Biofeedback System has made exercising and rehabilitation much more exciting, resulting in better experience.

Jogo Portable Biofeedback System has been successfully used in helping a patient with Bell's Palsy improve facial muscle control, improving from 1/5 to 3/5 in 3 weeks. Jogo Portable Biofeedback System has helped improve outcomes in children with delayed development: In addition patients with foot drop, SCI, sarcoglycanopathy, experienced varying degree of improvement.

"The Jogo Portable Biofeedback Devise has been a wonderful tool in my rehabilitation from a stroke. It was so easy to use that virtually no training was needed. It is an excellent aid to use at home and helped to augment my physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. The instant feedback it provided as I strived to use my weakened side muscles was very informative and what a feeling of accomplishment I had when I had to adjust the baselines to make the exercises more difficult! I would recommend this devise to anyone needing to rehabilitate after a stroke or an injury."

Scott Walker – Atlanta, GA

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