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Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device comprises of wearable wireless s/EMG and motion sensors, and App running on Android tablet or smartphone, that displays graphics reflecting movement response to a exercise goal.

Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device provides real-time EMG biofeedback reflecting the quality of goal directed movement serving as reference for error detection and effective movement strategies.

Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device provides tools through training protocols and games that can be adapted for a variety of applications such as strength conditioning, muscle relaxation, movement coordination, neuromuscular re-education that leverages neural plasticity.

Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device is the flagship product from JogoHealth a Bridgewater NJ based company led by CEO, Sanjai Murali.

Patient Experiences of Jogo Portable Biofeedback System

Scott Walker, Atlanta, GA:

The Jogo Portable Biofeedback Devise has been a wonderful tool in my rehabilitation from a stroke. It was so easy to use that virtually no training was needed. It is an excellent aid to use at home and helped to augment my physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. The instant feedback it provided as I strived to use my weakened side muscles was very informative and what a feeling of accomplishment I had when I had to adjust the baselines to make the exercises more difficult! I would recommend this devise to anyone needing to rehabilitate after a stroke or an injury. Scott Walker – Atlanta, GA

Jogo Portable Biofeedback System in Action

Clinical Applications

Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device has been successfully used in helping a patient with Bell's Palsy improve facial muscle control, improving from 1/5 to 3/5 in 3 weeks. Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device has helped improve outcomes in children with delayed development, stroke patients with foot drop, SCI patients, patients with sarcoglycanopathy, and patients with ACL repair.

Facilities Using Jogo Portable Biofeedback Device

Next Step - Atlanta

Aim2Walk's NeuroChangers Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, Ontario, Canada

NeuroFit360, Pembroke Pines, FL

Hackensack Meridian

Push to Walk

Project Walk Atlanta

JK Physio and Rehab Clinic

Recoup Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Center


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