Use of jogO at NeuroFit360 for physical therapy

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NeuroFit360 of Pembroke Pines, FL uses jogO portable biofeedback system to assist Neurological Rehabilitation. jogO helps NeuroFit360 team better target treatment interventions and enables patients to get real-time feedback about their performance. Jogo also helps motivate the user and helps clinicians better understand muscle activation patterns in their patients.

How does jogO work?


jogO comprises of wearable wireless s/EMG and motion sensors, and App running on Android tablet or smartphone, that displays graphics reflecting movement response to a exercise goal.

jogO provides real-time EMG biofeedback reflecting the quality of goal directed movement serving as reference for error detection and effective movement strategies.

jogO provides tools through training protocols and games that can be adapted for a variety of applications such as strength conditioning, muscle relaxation, movement coordination, neuromuscular re-education that leverages neural plasticity.

Types Rehabs jogO is used for at NeuroFit360

Spinal Cord Injury
Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebral Palsy

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