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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2010
Headquarters Vancouver, Canada
Key people John Schwarz (CEO & Founder)
Ryan Wong (CTO & Founder)
Gabrielle Toledano
Mike Zappert
Warren Weiss
Greg S. Goldfarb [1]
Number of employees 200
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Visier is a cloud-based analytics platform enabling HR professionals to answer critical workforce strategy questions. In an era of Big Data, HR has a new set of demands. Visier helps in delivering workforce analytics and planning solutions that enable organizations to move from intuition to fact-based decision making, and to more accurately plan for the future. It provides with metrics that answer all workforce related question like retention, compensation, best practices etc. With intuitive self service analytics, it is transforming the traditional decision making to fact based decision making.

Founded in 2010, in Vancouver, Canada, it lets organizations understand and plan with precision on how to best and most cost-effectively recruit, retain, and develop their workforce. It does this by providing complete pre-built solutions in the cloud as a service that uses innovative multi-dimensional, in memory technology to provide insights. The software’s natural language processing can return information from direct queries about business processes and human resources information directly to the end-user, without having to take any additional steps.


Visier Solution.png

Visier's technology supports the HR in hiring, developing, engaging, and retaining the right employees to drive better business outcomes. It provides solutions to understand the potential with the best in workforce analytics and workforce planning and lets in analyzing the workforce, align on priorities, and act on one's strategies.
Its unique Continuous Machine Learning technology gives powerful predictions at hand which can promote workforce strategies and plans with confidence.


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  • 2010 - Visier was founded.
  • 2011 - Business Objects Vets Raise $6 Million For Business Analytics Software Startup Visier
  • 2013 - Visier Secures $15 Million in Series B Funding to Fuel Accelerated Growth
  • 2015 - Visier Enables Strategic HR with New Data-Driven Decision-Making and Planning Capabilities

Awards and Recognitions

  • Gartner Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Software in 2012
  • Branham 300 - Top Technology Companies in Canada
  • Top 25 Canadian UP and Coming ICT Companies
  • Finalist in the Cloudbeat 2011 Showdown, a competition for start-up companies during the cloud-technologies focused conference
  • Winner of the Ventana Research 2015 Technology Innovation Award in the Predictive Analytics category.
  • Selected as 2015 HR Tech Conference “Awesome New Technology for HR

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Top Recent News Headlines

  • The Future Organization: Visier Talent Advisor Takes the Guesswork out of Manager Decision Making - Visier introduces Visier Talent Advisor, putting real-time Big Data analytics into the hands of every HR and people manager. [2]
  • Visier Delivers Industry First: Enabling Companies to Instantly Connect their Workforce to Business Results - New capability lets companies identify exactly what workforce levers to pull to improve revenue, profit, customer satisfaction, and other business outcomes. [3]
  • Visier introduces new applied big data solution for healthcare providers - Visier has introduced a new applied big data solution for healthcare providers, which will allow hospitals to connect their workforce to patient satisfaction, driving better outcomes. [4]
  • Former Business Objects CEO tackles workforce analytics - Visier helps companies like ConAgra and Yahoo better understand employee attrition and recruiting trends. [5]
  • Yahoo’s Use of Visier Workforce Analytics Shows $2.5 Million Savings - A freshly inked deal with Google to provide web search results and search ads for Yahoo user queries on mobile and desktop should help, as should the implementation of Visier’s workforce analytics, which are projected to save the company more than $2.5 million over three years, according to a case study conducted by Forrester Consulting. [6]
  • Combining Big Data And Human Resources Nets Visier $25.5 Million - Continuing the growth of its software business applying big data analytics technologies to the human resources market, Visier has managed to attract $25.5 million in new financing. [7]

Top Lifetime News Headlines

  • Workforce Analytics Market - To Grow from USD 422.5 Million in 2015 to USD 860.4 Million by 2020 - The increasing complexities at workplaces have necessitated the shift from traditional ways of managing workforce to the computerized ways of handling workforce functions for attaining higher efficiencies. [8]
  • The life and times of HR application software (2012 in review) - From talent management, payroll, analytics, HRMS and other niche HR solutions, 2012 saw several cool innovations and emerging trends. [9]



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