The KRNP Group

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The KRNP Group is a group of Industries by Kishore Raj Narayan Patar.

The KRNP Group (The KRNP Ventures Ltd)
Industry Conglomerate
Predecessor The KRNP Commercial Corporation
Founded 2015
Founder Kishore Raj Narayan Patar
Headquarters Guwahati, India
Key people
Kishore Raj Narayan Patar


Products Telecom, financial services, construction, entertainment, Power, health care, aviation, Defences
Revenue 11px-Increase2.svg.png
11px-Increase2.svg.png1 Milion
1.4 Million
Total assets 2400 Million11px-Increase2.svg.png 
Number of employees
  • The KRNP
  • The KRNP Communications
  • The KRNP infrastructure
  • The KRNP Capital
  • The KRNP Media
  • The KRNP Health
  • The KRNP Media

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