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Type Private
Industry Portfolio management software
Headquarters Las Vegas, NV, USA
Related Certifications Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview

StockMarketEye is a flagship product, owned by TransparenTech Software Vendor, situated at Las Vegas, NV, USA. It is a portfolio management software that helps users monitor investments and the markets. The company won the Supreme Software Award and the Experts' Choice Award in 2016 and the Great User Experience Certificate. StockMarketEye functions like a stock watcher and makes it suitable for startups and freelancing individuals. It can manage multiple accounts and allows the users to follow an unlimited number of exchange stocks. The tool alerts the user on every price movement that the user need to be aware of. StockMarketEye has dedicated software for Windows, Mac, Linux and android/ios supported mobile application.

StockMarketEye is a licensed software that is available as a one-time purchase of $99.95. It can also be used free for a 30 day trial period. It released its latest version StockMarketEye 4.0.9 on May 28, 2016.

StockMarketEye Features

  • Portfolio Investment Tracker lets the user to directly import the accounts from supported brokerages (most supported US brokerages like TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, E*Trade, Fidelity etc), add transactions manually, import data from industry standard investment files (like QIF, OFX/QFX or CSV).

Some of the other features of StockMarketEye are

  • Investment categories helps the user to keep track of the individual holding of the portfolio which can be used within individual portfolios or within group's virtual portfolio.
  • Investment Portfolio Reports has a set of reporting tools to fully analyse the current holdings and the portfolio performance. The activities in the users' account are reported as Transaction report, Summary report, Gain/Loss report, Unique Back-in-time report
  • Access stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, indexes or currency pairs from most major world exchanges
  • Dividend tracking
  • Cost basis tracking
  • Visualize the growth with portfolio value chart
  • Dynamic stock charts
  • Price alerts
  • On-line synchronization
  • Free quotes, updated automatically or on-demand
  • Basic fundamental ratios
  • Multi-currency support
  • Unlimited watchlist
  • Stock alerts
  • Companion IOS app

Portfolio Tracking App

Portfolio Tracking App is developed specially for Android devices where it can track stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, funds, options and currencies. It can manage many portfolios and watchlist that can keep us well informed of market movements. It has on-line backup and synchronization feature to remotely access the same portfolios on any android or ios devices.

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