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Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview
Industry Financial Services
Financial Technology
Cost FREE for students
$20 for professionals
Launched January 2016
Level Advanced/Professional

Verify.Wiki's Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview helps candidates and professionals who are planning to enter the field of Financial Technology(FinTech) keep current with the trends in Portfolio Management Technology industry. In this program, students learn about fundamentals of Portfolio Management Technology and companies who are in the business of building portfolio management technology by collaborating with experts and peers around the world. The transparent and continuous collaborative nature of Verify.Wiki's courses keep students up-to-date with latest developments, even after they complete their certifications.





  • Invite peers or fellow students to verify your coursework
  • Receive at least 3 verifications for your individual edits from others
  • Provide a minimum of 5 verifications for individual edits of others


  • Minimum 90% pass rate on the quizzes with three attempts
  • Minimum 50 words of new or modified content across pages
  • Receive at least 3 verifications for the content you added from peers or experts(The platform provides an easy to use interface to invite peers and experts)
  • Provide at least 5 verifications for content written by others
  • Once completed, send an email to with a link to your profile page. Our certifications team will evaluate your coursework and quiz results and provide you the certification

Cost of the certification

Category Onetime cost Ongoing Monthly Subscription
Professional $20 FREE
Corporate $20/employee $100/for the entire company

Advantages of Verify.Wiki Certifications over traditional certifications

  • Dynamic nature of Verify.Wiki programs provide students with up-to-date and continuous learning material as opposed to mostly outdated and snapshot materials provided in other static courses
  • Inclusion of conferences in the learning process provide students latest research and findings presented by experts throughout the year
  • Collaborative nature of the programs provide students an opportunity to learn from both experts and peers
  • Students get an opportunity to network with experts and peers from around the world

Do you have tutorials on how to edit and verify articles?

Yes. Here is the link to the tutorial.