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Recommind Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Information technology, Information access, Software, Legal technology
Headquarters San Francisco, USA
Key people Jan Puzicha,Derek Schueren and Bob Tennant
Products Decisiv Search, Decisiv Email, Decisiv Categorization, Axcelerate eDiscovery
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Recommind is a company which provides eDiscovery and Information Intelligence Solutions. It makes software applications which are used to solve business problems. Recommind provides solutions on eDiscovery for Law Firms, eDiscovery for Enterprise, Information Governance and Information Access.


Recommind was founded in year 2000 by Dr.Puzicha along with Derek Schueren and Bob Tennant in San Francisco, USA. PLSA and CORE are the methodology for Recommind's software technology. It is among the world's top 10 most innovative company in big data.


Name Description
Axcelerate Axcelerate has OnDemand, Cloud, Review&Analysis, ECA&Collections and Legal Holds.
Decisiv Decisive has Enterprise Search.
Perceptiv Perceptiv has Derivatives Contract Analysis


Name Link
eDiscovery for Law Firms
eDiscovery for Enterprise
Information Governance
Information Access


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Founded in 2000

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May 18 2016 @Recommind UK court issues another landmark judgment for #PredictiveCoding. Get the details
May 18 2016 @Recommind Great to open the #IICE conference in London with @halmarcus, Ed Spencer, Vince Neicho, Justice Waxse & Chris Dale

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