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Neo Technology
Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2007
Headquarters San Mateo, CA, United States
Key people Emil Eifrem (CEO)
Lars Nordwall (COO)
Johan Svensson (CTO)
Jim Webber (Chief Scientist)
Philip Rathle (VP of Products) [1]
Investors Eight Roads Ventures, Sunstone Capital, Conor Venture Partners, Creandum and Dawn Capital
Number of employees 120+
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Neo Technology is an Information Technology and Services provider and the creator of world’s leading graph database, Neo4j. Neo4j is used to model and query highly complex interconnected networks. It is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first-class entities to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today's evolving connected data challenges including fraud detection, real-time recommendations, master data management, network security and IT operations.
Neo Technology’s database had been key to its investigation of the Panama Papers as reported by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists data and research unit. Journalists with access to the vast trove of data used the firm’s open-source database to make sense of 11.5 million documents, including emails, images and spreadsheets, leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Its 'Graph Database' helped to find names of the rich and powerful and linking them to offshore accounts. [2]
Over the years, Neo Technology has served many companies like Walmart, UBS, Cisco, HP, Adidas, Lufthansa etc. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, they also have regional offices in Sweden, Germany and the UK.



Neo4j is a general-purpose graph database that can handle transaction processing or analytics, and it's compatible with leading development platforms including Java, Ruby, Python, Groovy and others. It is working on scale-out architecture and can manage and reveal billions of relationships. Neo4j is available in a GPL3-licensed open-source "community edition", with online backup and high availability extensions licensed under the terms of the Affero General Public License. Neo also licenses Neo4j with these extensions under closed-source commercial terms.

  • Neo4j comes in 3 editions: Community, Enterprise, and Government.
  • The Community Edition is free but is limited to running on 1 node only due to the lack of clustering and is without hot backups.
  • The Enterprise Edition unlocks these limitations allowing for clustering, hot backups and monitoring.
  • The Government Edition extends the Enterprise Edition adding additional government specific services including FISMA-related certification and accreditation support.
Neo4j browser

The Neo4j browser is a visualization tool to help with application and database development. It uses Graph Visualization Tools like Tableau, Linkurious, Keylines and Tom Sawyer. They help to visualize the results of the development, say for link analysis or detailed dependencies.

Neo4j Data Journalism Accelerator Program

The Neo4j Data Journalism Accelerator Program is designed to help data journalists get up to speed with analyzing connected relationships in Neo4j. With the ability to model and query data as a graph and draw insights from highly connected data such as email records, leaked documents, and public data, Neo4j is the defacto standard for discovering connections in this capacity. The technology has a long, successful track record of being used by journalists. [3]

Awards and Recognitions

  • Neo Technology Recognized in DBTA 100 “Companies That Matter Most in Data” in 2016
  • Neo Technology honored in SD Times 100 for Database & Database Management - 2016
  • CRN Includes Neo Technology in 30 Coolest Data Management Vendors - 2016
  • Neo4j Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management 2015
  • Neo4j “Champion” in Bloor Report - 2015
  • Neo4j Named “Most Popular Graph Database” Forrester Research - 2015
  • Neo4j Acclaimed “Most Popular and Widely Deployed Database” Constellation Research 2015
  • Neo Technology Winner of NOSQL/ Graph Database Technologies - 2015
  • Neo4j Wins InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award 2015
  • Neo4j Wins InfoWorld Bossie Award 2014
  • Neo4j Wins DataWeek Top Innovator for Graph Databases 2014
  • Gartner Names Neo Technology a “Cool Vendor” 2014


No controversies


  • 2000 – Neo’s founders encountered performance problems with RDBMS and started building the first Neo4j prototype
  • 2002 – Developed the first ever version of Neo4j
  • 2003 – First 24×7 production Neo4j deployment
  • 2007 – Formed a Swedish-based company behind Neo4j. Also open sourced the first graph database, Neo4j, under the GPL
  • 2009 – Raised seed funding from Sunstone and Conor and continued development
  • 2010 – Released Neo4j version 1.0
  • 2011 – Raised A round and moved headquarters to Silicon Valley.
  • 2015 - Neo Technology Launches Graph Database Partner Program and gets $20m lift
  • 2016 - Neo Technology Launches Neo4j Data Journalism Accelerator Program at IRE Conference


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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • Neo4j Decreases Development Time-to-Market for LinkedIn’s Chitu App - LinkedIn China used Neo4j to successfully launch a new social platform, Chitu, in record time, and ultimately attract a meaningful segment of the Chinese professional networking market. [5]
  • Neo Technology Launches Neo4j Data Journalism Accelerator Program at IRE Conference - The Accelerator Program aims to support data journalists by helping them better understand their data and allows them to draw new connections between existing information and new sources, ultimately allowing new stories to be uncovered and told. [6]
  • How Swedish start-up Neo Technology helped crack the Panama Papers - The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists data and research unit editor Mar Cabra said in a statement that Neo Technology’s database had been key to its investigation of the Panama Papers [7]
  • Neo Technology Launches Graph Database Partner Program - Graph database maker Neo Technology has initiated a new partner program around its Neo4j database solution. [8]
  • Neo Technology Recognized in DBTA 100 “Companies That Matter Most in Data” - Within a constantly changing field, Database Trends & Applications recognized Neo Technology as one of 100 companies of 2016 that matter most in data. [9]



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