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Industry Data Science
Founded 2012
Headquarters Santa Cruz, California, United States
Key people Lloyd Tabb (Founder & CTO)
Ben Porterfield (Co-Founder & VP Engineering)
Frank Bien (CEO)
Marc Randolph (Director)
Products Analytics
Business Intelligence
Data Visualization
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Looker is a web-based data discovery platform that uses business intelligence to make data accessible to organizations and data analysts.Looker is entirely SQL based. It focuses on an app server that has APIs to plug-in D3/any javascript and other visualization tools if customization is needed.


The company was established in January 2012 at Santa Cruz, California by Lloyd Tabb and Ben Porterfield.

Looker was based on simple modeling language called LookML that helps data teams to define the relationships in their database so that business users can explore, save, and download data without needing to know SQL much.

The product is the first commercially available on business intelligence platform built for and aimed at scalable or MPP SQL databases such as Netezza, Amazon Redshift, Teradata, Google BigQuery, and HP Vertica

On August 2013, Looker announced a Series A round of funding from Redpoint Ventures, First Round Capital, and PivotNorth Capital, raising more than $18M. [1] Looker announces a Series A $16M and a new CEO to rise above stodgy old BI solutions. Before to the Series A round, Looker raised $2M in a seed round from First Round Capital and PivotNorth Capital. On March 11, 2015 Looker raised $30M in Series B funding.[2] On January 14, 2016 Looker raised $48M in Series C funding from Kleiner Perkins Claufield & Byers.[3]


Looker has developed DATA MODELING that lets users describe and transform raw data in such away that it can be understood and used as the reliable source of truth for business, also offers DATA SOURCES feature monitor sharing & reporting activities to keep your data secure also manages performance with detailed query report, Looker's DATA ANALYSING supports analyzing big data in Hadoop's processing power thereby converting raw data into meaningful metrics.


Looker serves industries like Finance, Retail, Tech & Media. The notable customers of Looker are Asana, Avant, Carbonite, Dollar Shave Club, Etsy, Hubspot, Intel Security, Kickstarter, Kiva, Kohler, MIT Technology review, Sony, Upworthy, Warby Parker.

Top 5 Recent Tweets

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Top Recent News Headlines

  1. Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study-Looker Ranked an Overall Industry Leader in 7th Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study.[4]
  2. Inside the boot camp that teaches startup founders how to raise millions of dollars-Looker CEO Frank Bien said “When you’re living your startup and you’re so focused and drinking your own Kool-Aid, that becomes hard to do, to have you step back and tell that story in a broader way.”[5]
  3. A/B Testing is a Great Idea for SaaS Startups-Looker benefit from A/B Testing if it chooses to.[6]


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