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Founded 2012
Headquarters Redwood City, CA
Key people Ann Johnson (CEO & Founder)
Bobby Johnson (CTO & Founder)
Lior Abraham (Founder)
Christina Noren
Investors AME Cloud Ventures
Battery Ventures
Data Collective
Fuel Capital
Harris Barton
Index Ventures
Mike Olson
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Interana, which stands for Interactive Analytics, is the first product ever built from the ground up for time-based data. [1]

Interana is set out to build an analytics platform that allows users to analyze and explore key business metrics that matter – such as growth, retention, conversion and engagement – in seconds, rather than the hours or days that existing approaches,such as traditional relational databases, take. [2] Interana does not require PhD data scientists to produce limited answers and static reports with an easy-to-use graphical interface. With this insight, important business decisions can be made fast, at any point throughout the work day. Considering itself as a behavioral analytics solution to answer critical business questions about how customers behave and products are used, Interana is enabling companies to identify exactly what their users want, need, and don’t like about a product or service. Interana gives people direct access to their data so they can develop the right strategies for important business and growth initiatives like improving conversion, increasing engagement and reducing churn. Interana was founded by several Facebook veterans whose original claim to fame lay in co-developing Hadoop-related technologies such as Hive, for adding a SQL-like relational view of the data; and Cassandra, a NoSQL operational key-value database. Additionally, one of the co-founders developed Facebook's own SCUBA analytics tool, which continues to be actively used by most of the company. At Facebook, the founders of Interana dealt with the challenge of analyzing site performance in real time. They founded Interana to deliver a similar solution to the broader market. It is still used by more than 50% of Facebook employees to date. [3] Interana has raised $28.2M in 2 Rounds from 7 investors throughout its journey.




2012 - Interana was founded by Ann Johnson, Lior Abraham and Bobby Johnson 2015 - Interana secured $20M in series B funding led by Index ventures[4] 2016 - Interana Named as Top Market Analytics Platform and Tech Startup of the Year [5]

Services offered

Interana provides various services in varied fields like

  • Mobile & Web services
  • Cloud services for Infrastructre as a services, VoIP platforms, marketing platforms and advertising platforms;
  • Clicks & Bricks
  • IoT like smart home services, wearables, Fleet Management;
  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial Intelligence


The notable customers of Interana are Nextdoor, Procore, Flowroute, Experticity, Asana, Imgur, Sonos, Tinder, Tradesy, SurveyMonkey, Reddit, Tilt, Dubsmash, BloomBoard, NativeTouch, HootSuite, Yesware, Openwager, Teambition, Hart, Versionone, ScreenMeet.

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