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Industry Data Science
Founded November 1, 2010
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key people Fred Shilmover CEO
Samuel Clemens CPO
Bryan Stevenson CTO[1]
Products Insights for sales,marketing
Number of employees 51 - 200[2]
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

InsightSquared[3] is a Boston, Massachusetts, USA based company which provides with a variety of business reporting and analytics feature to measure all aspects of one's business. The sales analytics feature provides with deep analysis into the sales, Data Visualization and SaaS. It also provides the measurement of employee performance and success. Some of these features are also available in the mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms.


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November 1, 2010 Founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts.[4]
February 2011 Seed funding of $1 million from a stacked pool of investors.[5]
May 2012 Series A financing of $4.5 million.[6]
June 2013 Series B financing of $8 million.[7]
November 2014 Series C financing of $13.5 million.[8]
July 2015 Announcement of relocation to Boston,Massachusetts.[9]

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