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Horizon Software
Type Private
Industry Portfolio management software
Founded 1998
Slogan Trade Your Way
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Soledad Ballve (Administrative Manager), Mr. Jean-Marc Delfarquiel (Company Manager) [1]
Number of employees 50-200
Related Certifications Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview

Horizon Software focuses on all trading businesses related to listed markets such as delta-one, structured products and options market making & trading. It provides software solutions for financial institutions in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York with a low-latency, scalable platform supporting all trading businesses related to the listed markets.
Its Product, The Horizon Portfolio Manager is a front to back office Portfolio Management System(PMS) unifying in a STP process the activities of fund managers, buy-side traders, middle-officers and risk & compliance officers.
Its specialties includes Electronic Trading, Market Making, Automated Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Market Connectivity, Asset Management, Investment Management [2]

Horizon Portfolio Manager

Horizon Portfolio Manager (HPM), currently used by hedge funds, is a real-time reporting system enabling portfolio analysis trough position keeping, performance measurement and risk management. Features include profit and loss and exposure on complex instruments types through a user-friendly, modern front-end. [3] This solution automates the operating process, reduces related risk and provides a centralized database for managing financial information such as positions, transactions, prices and security data. The solution meets new regulation requirements that impose the broadcasting of transparent and reliable information.

Other Products

  • Horizon Algo Trader - A solution that enables buy-side and sell-side institutions to develop and deploy proprietary algorithmic trading strategies
  • Horizon Derivative Trader - A multi-purpose trading application to trade options on listed markets and manage executions
  • Horizon Market Maker - For sales and traders to animate derivative products in real-time on listed markets, official platforms, or via a Website.
  • Horizon Internal Market - To offer a solution for workflows involving various the players in trading
  • Horizon Distrib - A fund distribution solution for the financial flow management between investors, fund providers, and distributors to handle asset-based front-end load, back-end load, and trailer fees.
  • Horizon Connect - To provide direct connection for market data, order passing, and market making to various electronic exchanges worldwide; trading framework to leverage existing infrastructure; technical, front-office, and back-office trading services; and services and support, such as integration, local support, and specific developments.


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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • KGI Securities extends use of Horizon trading platform - The new deal is in addition to the current implementation of Horizon Delta One, on which the proprietary trading team have relied since 2013. [4]
  • Horizon Software integrates the influence ratios and electronic signatures within Horizon Distrib - The software, designed for management companies wishing to industrialize liability management, now includes the influence ratios and electronic signature. [5]
  • Horizon announces new Athens Exchange connectivity - Native connectivity to the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) for cash equities and derivatives. Horizon now provides more than 80 native gateways to exchanges and trading venues around the world. [6]
  • Horizon Software and Thomson Reuters Announce Collaboration in China - the collaboration will provide an advanced “one-stop-shop” derivatives trading platform, along with Chinese market data, for quantitative trading to the Chinese market. [7]
  • Piraeus Securities S.A. goes live with Horizon for derivatives market making - Horizon provides Piraeus with full native transaction and market data connectivity to the Athens Stock Exchange for cash equity and equity derivatives. [8]


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