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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2006
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Key people Anukool Lakhina (CEO & Founder)
Sergey Sukov
Tim Dyer
Anupam Rastogi
Number of employees 500
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Guavus is a Big Data Analytics company situated in Santa Clara, California that provides an integrated end-end solution with decision making applications for network engineering, marketing, monetization and customer care. They fuse data from multiple sources and analyze them before its stored providing insights across networks, device, contents and subscriber statistics which helps in making the data relevant and actionable.

Founded in 2006, it follows an Analyze First, Store Later model, which provides a platform where the data can be contextualized with demographics and other information about a client's consumer base. This idea was developed by its founder and CEO, Anukool Lakhina, back in the mid-1990s during his PhD project where he noticed they were filling up their data storage capacity at a rate that caused much of the data to become obsolete for timely analysis. Guavus products currently process more than two Trillion transactions per day.


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Big Data is getting bigger by the day as it is continuously being generated in massive volumes, at great velocities and varieties of resources. The Guavus Reflex® operational intelligence platform was created to address the size and velocity of streaming and business data from the biggest networks. It follows an Analyze first, store later platform, that includes the following steps :

  • Collection and Mediation - The processed data is queried and analyzed both through native platform exploration tools, as well as via third-party analysis and visualization applications
  • Fusion and Enrichment - The Reflex data collectors process the highest possible volumes of machine-generated data streams for analytic and prescriptive applications
  • Distributed Processing - After the data streams have been normalized, the collected data is correlated and enriched to present network, user, device and content interactions
  • Data Science and Machine Learning - Powerful correlation and analytic algorithms rapidly identify and quantify patterns across data sets, locations and applications
  • Caching and Visualization - The Reflex rules engine makes it possible to define closed loop responses based on prescriptive analytics and prospective outcomes.



Guavus has products distributed in four sections serving the Communications Industry, the Cable and Media Industry and the Internet Of Things (IoT).

Network Optimization

  • Content Reflex - Content Reflex enables CSPs to understand how content usage affects specific network elements for more efficient capacity planning, more accurate forecasting of infrastructure needs and to identify and prioritize network elements for capacity expansion.

Operational Analytics

This brings together network, machine and sensor generated data within the context of enterprise data to identify new business opportunities, uncover security threats, enhance service quality and identify performance management issues.

  • Net Reflex Suite for RAN - This consists of three modules that address the network data management, operations and service assurance needs.
  1. Net Reflex RAN Mediation - Reduces IT OPEX by processing streaming network data (EMS/NMS) with catalog data at the edge.
  2. Net Reflex RAN Operations - Identifies problem spots in the network, discovers root causes, and tracks trends.
  3. Net Reflex RAN Service Assurance - Improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while reducing the cost of care.
  • Service Reflex - This enables Service Providers to dynamically improve service quality and enhance customer experience by ingesting, fusing and contextualizing network impacting events with subscriber data in real time.
  • Pipeline - It is a comprehensive IPDR Mediation platform that enables massive scale collection of usage data, real-time processing, calculation and usage reporting. With Guavus Pipeline operators can implement fine-grained, real-time usage metering.
  • IP Reflex - It provides detailed and timely insights that explain how customers, peers and prospects interact with the network.

Customer Experience Analytics

  • Care Reflex - This application provides customer care agents with unprecedented and granular near real-time insights to determine the events affecting the quality of experience at critical points for a customer.
  • Marketing Reflex - This enables operators to gain a greater understanding of subscribers’ interests to strengthen their competitive position against digital providers and find new revenue opportunities

Internet of Things Analytics

This is a cloud-based IOT analytics platform that brings together network, machine and sensor generated data within the context of enterprise data to enable a new generation of vertically-specific IoT analytics applications. It spans complex data environments, provide contextually-aware insights that can be embedded into workflows and decision support systems. This helps in providing Fault Management, Predictive Maintenance, Service Assurance, Resource Optimization, Smart Metering and Security & Breach Detection.


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  • 2006 - Founded in Santa Clara, California
  • 2012–2013 - The Company expanded into both Europe and Asia
  • 2013 - The Company Raises $30M From IGC, Intel Capital And Others
  • 2013 - The Company buys Mobile Analytics And Data Intelligence Company Neuralitic Systems
  • 2014 - The company's operational intelligence platform, Reflex Platform, was deployed in a virtualized environment

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  • Guavus Analytics Plays Central Role in TM Forum Catalysts on Omnichannel Marketing, Data Monetization, Smart Health - Guavus announced its participation in three Catalyst projects, sponsored by the TM Forum, the global industry association for digital business. [4]
  • Guavus Appoints Analytics Expert Roger Brooks as Chief Scientist - Dr. Brooks is a leading expert in information analytics based on large-scale machine learning and advancing the use of data mining . With prior experience in Hewlett-Packard, his real-world experience in using analytics for actionable insights will bring value to the customers. [5]
  • Google's Anupam Rastogi joins Guavus as CTO - Google’s former Head of Reporting Platform & Solutions for Corporate Engineering has joined the company as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Sergey Sukov has been appointed Vice President Engineering & Delivery. [6]
  • Guavus Raises $30 Million in Funding to Accelerate Big Data Analytics Applications and Expansion Into Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Markets - With this new round of funding, Guavus will bolster its presence and offerings in the Communications Services Provider (CSP), Cable & Media customer base and further expand into the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market where sensor-generated streaming data is transforming key industries such as Logistics, Mining, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Retail. [7]
  • Guavus Buys Mobile Analytics And Data Intelligence Company Neuralitic Systems - Fresh off raising $30 million in new funding, enterprise data-analytics company Guavus is making a key acquisition –Neuralitic Systems. [8]



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