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Type Private
Industry Portfolio management software
Founded 1999
Slogan We Go Beyond the Numbers
Headquarters Boston, MA
Key people Alex Ivanov (CEO/Founder)
Mike Slemmer
Related Certifications Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview

FundCount is a Boston-based software vendor that provides integrated accounting and investment analysis software. Initially it was designed for the hedge fund markets later it evolved to serve accounting and portfolio management needs. FundCount serves single and multi-family offices, fund administrators, FoFs, and Private equity firms. Cortland Capital Market Services, PKF O'Connor Davies and TFO Phoenix are few of the well-known clients of FundCount. FundCount operates in Boston, Dublin, Johannesburg, Singapore, Sydney and Zurich.

Solutions provided

  • Portfolio Accounting - FundCount's Portfolio accounting software tracks the performance and risk associated with the complex investments across portfolios. FundCount offers the full range of Modern Portfolio Theory statistics and many other risk metrics. Once performance is calculated, holdings can be sorted or filtered by asset class, manager, broker, sector or other categories relevant to the business.
  • Partnership Accounting - Partnership Accounting software tracks multiple investor capital accounts and calculates different management, performance and other fee structures across any number of partnership investment vehicles. It fully automates P&L and cash flows between entities and tracks NAV, capital call, commitments and also prepare schedule for tax related documents.
  • General Ledger - It integrates with the portfolio and partnership accounting, tracks tax and book appreciation down to individual tax lots and series and provides management and accounting views of a firm’s financials off a single reconciled data set.
  • Client Reporting - This software creates standard reports based on the customizable benchmarks. It has the flexibility to view data according to specific groupings or parameters and provides transparency for auditors as well as for managers, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Fund Administration - It provides custom functions allowing for proprietary calculations and manipulation with the data. This also integrates the investor and fund accounting in a single platform. All accounting and investment data flows through a single multi-currency general ledger for calculating net asset value and other essential financial metrics and also provides timely reports to the clients through email.
  • Hedge Fund - FundCount tracks a wide range of securities types and lets the user to review the performance by industry, strategy, geography and other user-definable sectors as well as compare performances against specified indices.
  • Private Equity - FundCount's private equity software replaces the cumbersome standalone spreadsheets with integrated partnership and portfolio accounting software in managing the complex accounting requirements of private equity. It automatically imports data from investment and investor transactions and aggregates into a single ledger.
  • Family Office - It provides an integrated investment, general ledger and partnership accounting for a complete financial picture across a range of investment asset classes and other holdings.

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