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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2011
Headquarters Mountain View, California, USA
Key people Bob Wiederhold (CEO)
Ravi Mayuram
Sujan Jain
Shekhar Iyer
Products Couchbase Server
Couchbase Mobile
Couchbase Lite
Number of employees 300+
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Couchbase is a software company situated in Mountain View, California, USA, that lets the developers build enterprise applications (web, mobile & IoT) on NoSQL using N1QL. [2]. Couchbase distributes data across a set of commodity servers or virtual machines and stores data in Key Value format or in JSON object format which can be indexed and queried. It develops and provides commercial packages and support for Couchbase Server and Couchbase Lite both of which are open-source, NoSQL, multi-model, document-oriented database.

Couchbase, Inc. was created through the merger of Membase Inc. and CouchOne Inc. in 2011. It aims for easy scalability, high performance, high reliability and ease of development. It modified memcached technology to provide built-in caching and also revised Apache CouchDB technology to enable the document capabilities. A set of built in and monitoring tools support the continuous up-time of the couchbase cluster



NoSQL provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data which is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. With Big Data on the rise, NoSql helps in managing huge amounts of both semi-structured and unstructured data. it provides query languages other than SQL as well.


N1QL is a declarative query language that extends SQL for JSON. One can query data via native framework and language integration, a fluent API, or the JDBC/ODBC drivers. It enables to query JSON documents without any limitations - sort, filter, transform, group, and combine data with a single query which can combine data from multiple documents with a JOIN.


Couchbase has two main products : Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile

  • Couchbase Server - It was developed in August 2010, as a Cross Platform, Multi-Model Database / Distributed Key-Value / Document Oriented Database. It is a NoSQL document database with a distributed architecture for performance, scalability, and availability. It provides on-the-wire client protocol compatibility with memcached, but is designed to add disk persistence, data replication, live cluster reconfiguration, re-balancing and multi-tenancy with data partitioning.
  • Couchbase Mobile - It was developed in June 2014, as a Document Oriented Database. It is the NoSQL database for building fast, powerful and secure mobile and web apps. With a fully-integrated embedded database, real-time synchronization, enterprise-level security, and highly scalable database server it helps in creating applications. Couchbase Lite is a lightweight embedded NoSQL JSON document database that lives locally on mobile & IOT devices, but is part of the Couchbase Mobile product which also includes Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server


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  • 2011 - Couchbase was created through the merger of Membase and CouchOne
  • 2011 - Couchbase Adapts Big Data for Mobile Devices and raises $1M via DoCoMo Capital
  • 2012 - Couchbase 2.0 released; implements JSON document store
  • 2013 - Couchbase Raises $25M To Further Develop NoSQL Database And Expand Into International Markets and Launches its First Ever Native NoSQL Database For Mobile Devices
  • 2014 - Couchbase Secures $60 Million in Funding to Capture Larger Share of $16 Billion Big Data Market
  • 2015 - Couchbase 4.1 touts faster SQL queries against unstructured data
  • 2016 - Couchbase Raises $30 Million for Promise of NoSQL Databases Growth

Awards and Recognitions

  • Infoworld Bossie award - 2012
  • Dataweek 2012 award
  • Always-On Global award
  • VentureWire's 50 FASTTech companies
  • GigaOM's Structure 50 list
  • Gartner cool vendor award

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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

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  • Couchbase gets $30M from VCs to expand the adoption of its document store - Sorenson Capital and half a dozen other private equity heavyweights this morning announced that they’ve led a $30 million round of financing into Couchbase Inc., one of the top players in the fast-growing NoSQL market. [4]
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  • Couchbase Secures $60 Million in Funding to Capture Larger Share of $16 Billion Big Data Market - Continued Wins over Oracle and MongoDB and Delivery of World’s First Mobile NoSQL Platform Accelerate Growth Trajectory. [6]
  • Couchbase NoSQL Database gets the SQL Religion - Couchbase 4.0 elegantly integrates SQL and JSON, maintaining schema-independence while adding support for joins and a range of BI tools. [7]

Top Lifetime News Headlines

  • NoSQL Market is Expected to Reach $4.2 Billion, Globally, by 2020 - Allied Market Research - According to a new report, published by Allied Market Research, titled, "Global NoSQL Market- Size, Industry Analysis, Trends, Opportunities, Growth and Forecast, 2013 - 2020", the global NoSQL market, is expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 35.1% during 2014 - 2020. [8]
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