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Citus Data
Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2010
Headquarters San Francisco, United States
Key people Umur Cubukcu (CEO & Founder)
Ozgun Erdogan (Co-Founder and CTO)
Sumedh Pathak (Co-Founder and VP of Engineering) [1]
Number of employees 50
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Citus Data, an analytics company situated in Silicon Valley, California, develops a distributed analytics database that allows users to run SQL queries over large data sets. It transforms PostgreSQL (A powerful, open source object-relational database system)[2] into a distributed database delivering a unique combination of parallel analytics and real-time reads/writes. It provides a database that scales out across commodity servers and parallel processes queries across the cluster nodes to deliver fast analytics on large datasets.

The CitusDB database makes it possible to tackle heavy analytic workloads orders of magnitude faster than what has been possible with PostgreSQL before. This analytics database is used by enterprises across multiple verticals, including e-commerce, retail, security, ad-tech and mobile analytics. It has recently come up with a newer verion, Citus 5, which now works as an open source that has helped in achieving scalability and dealing with large amounts of operational and analytical workloads.


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The company started working on CitusDB 1.0 four years ago, to scale out relational databases. Now, CitusDB has been deployed into production across a number of verticals, and received numerous feature improvements with every release. As of today, it has three products:

  • Citus - Citus turns Postgres into a distributed database. It can scale out the Postgres across multiple shards and can work upon 100's of gigs up to petabytes. Users can use row-based and column-based tables in the same database. Columnar storage enables superior compression and improves the performance of analytic workloads by reducing disk I/O times. Row storage allows Citus to achieve low latency for real-time workloads. With its latest version Citus 5.0, the company has gone open source making it more scalable.
  • Citus Cloud - This is a fully managed Citus as a Service, on top of Amazon Web Services. Citus Cloud plans include a primary database one connects to and compute nodes to handle scaling your data and queries. All Citus Cloud databases operate on AWS (Amazon web service) and are available in all major regions. It continuously monitors your database, including running health checks every 30 seconds. It also keeps the formation IP address (and thus connection string) stable, this change is transparent to clients.
  • Citus Enterprise - While Citus is publicly available as open-source software, to make it available for those users that need simplified cluster management, enhanced security features, and advanced analytics, Citus Enterprise comes as a solution.


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  • 2010 - Citus Data was founded in San Francisco, CA
  • 2012 - Y Combinator Alum Citus Data Wants To Make Scalable Data Analytics Accessible To Anyone
  • 2013 - Citus Data Launches CitusDB, An Analytics Database Based On Google Dremel With Parallel Processing At Its Core
  • 2014 - Citus Data Releases An Open-Source PostgreSQL Tool That Promises Better Database Performance and builds a column store for Postgres
  • 2015 - Citus Data Scales Out PostgreSQL to Power CloudFlare's Real-Time Customer Analytics on Hundreds of Terabytes of Data
  • 2016 - Citus Data launches Citus Cloud beta delivering Postgres database as a cloud service

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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • Citus launches Citus Cloud beta delivering Postgres database as a cloud service - Citus Clous now offers elastic resources that expand (and contract) as you need them, a seemingly perfect use case for a database.[3]
  • YC-backed Citus Data raises $9.5 million to supercharge PostgreSQL - Citus Data has seized the growing investor interest in databases sparked by its peers over on the non-relational end of the competitive spectrum to secure a $9.5 million investment that will go towards promoting its commercial flavor of PostgreSQL. [4]
  • Citus Data prepares CitusDB 4.0, now a massively parallel PostgreSQL analytic database - CitusDB 4.0 is the combination of cstore_fdw and pg-shard with its own massively parallel multi-node, multi-core architecture; built-in replication; and high availability. [5]
  • Citus Data Update Gives True Real-Time Analytics' - Citus Data announced an update to the product that brings this real-time processing to CitusDB users. [6]
  • Citus Data builds a column store for Postgres - Citus Data has developed a developed a columnar data store for the popular open source database. The company is open sourcing its extension for single-node environments, although it’s offering a distributed version as part of its CitusDB software. [7]



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