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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Software and Security
Founded 2012
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, United States
Key people Kumar Sreekanti (CEO & Co-Founder)
Tom Phelan, (Co-Founder & Chief Architect)
Anant Chintamaneni (Vice President, Products)
Greg Kirchofft [1]
Investors Atlantic Bridge, Intel Capital, Ignition Partners and Amplify Partners.
Number of employees 50+
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Bluedata is a BigData analytics company that helps transform how enterprises deploy their big data applications and infrastructure. Its software platform simplifies the deployment of BigData infrastructure in applications. The infrastructure is virtualized with Hadoop and Spark clusters running on Docker containers. This technology helps to deploy multiple Bigdata distributions along with other BigData analysis tools in applications. This improves utilization as multiple virtual clusters share the same physical hardware. Compute-intensive storage resources are separated that helps them to scale independently while enabling data to be accessed from any enterprise shared storage systems without being moved. It improves data management as data and infrastructure resources are logically isolated by Project, Group or Department. Bluedata has provisions to spin up new Hadoop or Spark clusters on demand, speeding time to insight and value. The Docker containers are optimized to run on Intel architecture (Intel Xeon processor and Intel SSD's).

BlueData Software was founded in 2012 and is based in Mountain View, California. It is backed by investors, including Atlantic Bridge, Intel Capital, Ignition Partners and Amplify Partners.


Bluedata process.png

The BlueData platform incorporates many patent-pending virtualization enhancements for distributed data workloads that were previously barriers to the use of virtualization. With its EPIC software platform, enterprises build agile, secure and cost-effective Big Data deployments. BlueData installs as a cluster virtualization layer between the underlying physical infrastructure and the Big Data distributions and applications, transforming physical infrastructure into an agile and flexible platform. It delivers benefits of private-cloud computing, including multi- tenancy and data isolation, elasticity, enterprise security and control. A secure web-based portal gives IT administrators insight and control over all clusters, jobs and infrastructure status. BlueData also automates routine tasks such as provisioning, updates and monitoring.[3] BlueData delivers self service, speed and scale through:

  • IOBoost – application-aware caching service for extreme performance.
  • DataTap – accelerates time to results by eliminating time-consuming data movement.
  • ElasticPlane – virtualization and containers for self-service multi-tenant clusters.

Product and Services

BlueData EPIC software platform - This Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) platform eliminates costly cluster sprawl across the enterprise and reduce data duplication issues by allowing multiple clusters to share access to the same data storage. It solves the infrastructure challenges and limitations that can slow down and stall Big Data deployments. Its main features are :

  • It runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds.
  • It Leverages the power of virtualization and the performance of bare-metal, delivering speed, agility, and cost-efficiency for Big Data infrastructure.
  • It works with all of the major Apache Hadoop distributions as well as Apache Spark.
  • It integrates with each of the leading analytical applications, so data scientists can use the tools they prefer.
  • It runs with any shared storage environment, so customers don’t have to move their data.
  • It delivers the enterprise-grade security and governance that IT teams require.
  • It provides Hadoop-as-a-Service or Spark-as-a-Service in an on-premises deployment model.


Bluedata AppStore - The EPIC software platform includes an “App Store” for common Big Data frameworks, applications, and tools. Open source distributions for Hadoop, Spark, and other frameworks – as well as representative analytical applications for Big Data – are provided as pre-configured Docker images in the App Store and available via one-click deployment. [5]




  • 2012 - BlueData was founded
  • 2013 - BlueData raises USD 15 million in Series B round
  • 2015 - BlueData Announces $20M Round And Intel Partnership and Introduces EPIC 2.0 for Enterprise Deployments of Hadoop and Spark on Docker Containers
  • 2016 - BlueData Offers New Turnkey Solution for Fast Data with Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra and Joins the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program


Awards and Recognition

  • 2016 Big Data 100: 20 Coolest Platform And Tools Vendors
  • CRN: The 10 Coolest Big Data Products of 2015
  • 2015 Stevie® Award Winner: American Business Awards ‘New Big Data Software Product of the Year’
  • First-Place Winner in Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase
  • CRN: The 10 Coolest Virtualization Startups of 2014
  • CRN Big Data 100: Top 25 Infrastructure and Tools Vendors
  • 2015 TiE50 Top Start-Up For Big Data
  • Network World: 12 Hot Application Container Startups


Top 5 Recent Tweets

August 07, 2020ITCenStaReviewsCongrats to @BlueDataInc for being #1 in this month's rankings for Cluster Provisioning on IT Central Station

Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • BlueData Can Run Hadoop on AWS, Leave Data on Premises - BlueData, provider of a leading Big-Data-as-a-Service software platform, has announced that the enterprise edition of its BlueData EPIC software will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds. [8]
  • BlueData Alleviates More Big Data Complexities; Spins Hadoop and Spark Clusters in Minutes - BlueData is shipping an update to its EPIC (Elastic Private Instant Clusters) platform. The Spring edition adds features to solve vexing challenges that can complicate and slow down Big Data deployments. [9]
  • BlueData Joins Dell Technology Partner Program - BlueData, provider of a leading infrastructure software platform for Big Data, today announced that it has achieved certified partner status in the Dell Technology Partner Program. This rigorous certification process involved testing by Dell engineers to validate the integration and interoperability of BlueData software with Dell hardware, including Dell PowerEdge servers, for Big Data workloads. [10]
  • BlueData Joins the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program - BlueData announced that it has joined the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program, earning the select “Nutanix Ready” validation. BlueData’s EPIC software platform passed rigorous certification by Nutanix to achieve this validation, ensuring compatibility and interoperability for joint customers. [11]
  • BlueData Offers New Turnkey Solution for Fast Data with Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra - BlueData announced a new solution for building real-time data pipelines with Spark Streaming, Kafka and Cassandra. This new turnkey offering is designed for organizations that want to develop and test applications for analyzing “Fast Data”: real-time or near real-time data that requires instant awareness, faster decision-making, and immediate action. [12]



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