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Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc. is a subsidiary of Cadila Healthcare Limited. It operates as a generic pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets various healthcare therapies/generic pharmaceutical products to customers in the United States. The company is located in Pennington, NJ, and is the U.S. division of Cadila Healthcare. It is now one of the top 10 U.S. generic companies in total prescriptions dispensed. They have been recognized annually by IMS Health since 2005, as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. Zydus is focused on providing outstanding customer service, along with high-quality, affordable generic products to our customers and their patients. The company also manufacture over 50% of their own product’s active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and in fact they take it a few steps further by even manufacturing their own bottles. This allows them to ensure and maintain the excellent supply record to their valued customers. [1]

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Type Private
Founded 2003
Slogan Dedicated to Life
Headquarters 73 Route 31 N, Pennington, NJ 08534
Key people Mr. Joseph Renner

Chief Executive Officer

Number of employees 60+ employees [2]


1952 - Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel established Cadila Laboratories Ltd.

1950s & 1960s - Cadila made a mark with innovative medicines and created enduring brands 1970s & 1980s - Cadila became a benchmark for Quality and Excellence

1995-96 - Zydus’ journey began with Rs 250 crs.

1995-96 - Acquired Indo Pharma Pharmaceutical Works Ltd- the first acquisition by the group

1995-96 - Launched 23 new products in 1995, with first –in-India like Falcigo

1996-97 - Registered the fastest growth among the top 80 Pharma companies in India

1997-98 - Entered into JV with BYK Gulden, a German pharma major to set up a 50:50 JV. (Byk was renamed as Altana Pharma and was later acquired by Nycomed, which has now been acquired by Takeda).

1999-00 - Project Disha led the way to TA focus in Domestic business

1999-00 - Entered into Capital markets through - Initial Public offering (IPO)

1999-00 - Entered into JV with Sarabhai for consolidating its position in Animal Healthcare

2000-01 - Acquired Recon Healthcare. This move boosted the group’s strengths in southern markets

2000-01 - Zydus Research Centre set up at Moraiya

2001-02 - Acquired German Remedies; It was then the largest M&A in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector.

2001-02 - Acquired Aten and with it attained the top spot in CVS segment

2001-02 - Acquired USFDA approved API plant – Banyan Chemicals

2002-03 - DELTA & PRISM initiatives were introduced to institutionalize cost savings & optimal utilization of internal resources

2002-03 - Zyfine, a Fine Chemicals division was set up in March 2002 to cater to the need of the industries which requires high purity products for chemical process.

2002-03 - Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. is incorporated

2003-04 - First international acquisition by acquiring Alpharma France [renamed as Zydus France]

2004-05 - Filed our First IND in India for ZYH1 2005-06 Acquired 30.7% stake in Carnation Nutra Analogue Foods Ltd

2006-07 Acquired Liva Healthcare & entered dermatology market

2006-07 Acquired Nippon Universal & with it entered the Japanese market

2007-08 Entered into branded generic market of Brazil with the acquisition of Quimica e Farmaceutica Nikkho do Brasil Ltda

2007-08 Healthy Billion journey began with an aim to cross sales of $1bn by 2010-11

2007-08 Zydus entered research collaboration with Prolong

2008-09 Acquired Laboratorios Combix, Spain, Simayla Pharma of South Africa and Etna Biotech of Italy

2008-09 SPEED – Initiative towards streamlining supply chain process – Creation of GDSO

2008-09 Entered segments of Nutraceutical, Rheumatology, COPD & Hospitals – Through specialized divisions / TF

2009-10 Launched first formulation in India on Nano technology platform – Oxalgin Nanogel

2010-11 Entered into a strategic agreement with Abbott for commercializing branded generics in emerging markets 2010-11 Launched Vaxiflu – S, India’s 1st H1N1 vaccine

2010-11 Zydus Wellness Ltd. (ZWL) which spearheads the Zydus group’s presence in the consumer healthcare market listed as Asia’s 200 ‘Best under a Billion’ by Forbes.

2010-11 Zydus declared as the ‘Emerging Company of the Year’ by the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2010.

2010-11 Entered into a 50:50 JV with Bayer to set up a new marketing company

2010-11 Achieved the goal of the Healthy Billion – becoming a Billion Dollar company

2011-12 Entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of the US based pharmaceutical company Nesher Pharmaceuticals Inc.

2011-12 The group’s formulations manufacturing plant at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh received approval from the USFDA.

2011-12 Made a foray into the ophthalmology segment by setting up a speciality division, Zydus Occucare.

2011-12 Acquired German company, Bremer Pharma GmbH, from ICICI Venture, to gain a global footprint in the animal healthcare business.

2011-12 Acquired 100% stake in Biochem, one of the top 40 pharma companies in India

2011-12 Signed an agreement with Microbix Biosystems Inc., to market the Thrombolytic drug, Urokinase in the North America

2012-13 Beyond the Billion goal flagged off. The aim is post revenues of over $3bn by 2015

2012-13 VICA – the pillars to support the BTB aspiration launched. The four pillars stand for Value Creation, Innovation, Collaboration and Accountability

2012-13 Launched PRISM 2, the cost optimisation programme which has identified savings of over Rs. 200 crores spread across three waves

2012-13 Zydus Innovation Farm launched to plant, nurture and harvest ideas in the organisation. Over 2000 ideas planted in the first 6 months

2012-13 Circles of Collaboration launched with over 50 Service Level Agreements signed to facilitate cross functional efficiency

2012-13 VICA-BTB Value Days launched across the Zydus World to align organisational priorities

2012-13 A total of over 114 new products launched during the year of which 31 were first in India launches

2012-13 In the year 2012, 37 ANDAs were filed of which 12 have been approved taking the cumulative to 170 filings and 75 approvals. [3]

Company Strategy

VICA for Growth

Value Creation – Creating value and developing talent across the organization

Innovation – Enhancing bottom-up innovation across the organization

Collaboration – Promoting collaboration across businesses and functions

Accountability – Strengthening accountability by proper performance management [4]

Our Affiliates

Nesher Pharmaceuticals (USA) LLC

Nesher Pharmaceuticals (USA) LLC, a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer located in St. Louis, MO, is a subsidiary of privately held Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc. Nesher has considerable expertise in niche therapies with development or products barriers, such as controlled release medications and DEA-controlled substances. With a US footprint, Nesher provides Zydus with the ability to manufacture and distribute generic controlled substances in the US market, which otherwise cannot be imported.

Nesher looks to redefine the standards for pharmaceutical performance, shaped by a passion to deliver value through innovation and an unwavering commitment to compliance. At Nesher, business success is equated with an environment in which employees are encouraged to maximize their potential through personal growth and accountability. [5]

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