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  Find the world's trusted Organic and Natural Personal Care products from the biggest brands, all in one site! 

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Type Public / Private
Industry Personal Care Products
Slogan Harvesting Nature's Goodness
Headquarters California, USA
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Zafra was founded in 2018 with simple mission:

To help you conveniently harvest the best of natural and organic personal care products. After all, the word Zafra means harvest in Arabic. We want to strip you off of the chemical derivatives found in common personal care products, and give you nothing but nature’s harvested goodness.Like a farmer who plans out several phases to produce the perfect crop, our brand also focuses on certain steps to be able to provide you the beneficial treasures of nature. First, we plant the seeds. We gather great, game-changing brands from all over the world who share the same mission of upholding and preserving natural resources, and plant them in a platform that allows them to further thrive.  


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