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Yhat Inc.
Type Private
Industry Data Science
Key people Austin Ogilvie CEO, Greg Lamp CTO
Investors Bold start Ventures
Contour Venture Partners
RRE Ventures
KEC Ventures
Y Combinator
Products Science Cluster, Science Ops, Rodeo
Revenue Not Known
Number of employees 15

Yhat (pronounced y-hat) is a Data Science technology company that provides tools and systems for data science operations, predictive and advanced decision-making APIs and data science workflows. Some of Yhat's solutions are used in product recommendation, credit scoring models and customer attrition estimation.



Name Description
Science Cluster An enterprise workplace for data science teams to collaborate
Science Ops A tool that allows users to embed predictive models into other applications
Rodeo An integrated development environment for Python


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Sep 12 2017 @YhatHQ https://twitter.com/YhatHQ/status/907717160734216193
Nov 30 2015 @YhatHQ Introduction to data visualization in Python https://t.co/ePAKZIim6Q
Nov 20 2015 @castarco Just discovered this new #DataScience IDE: https://github.com/yhat/rodeo/ #Rodeo #IPython #Jupyter
Nov 14 2015 @bobbywlindsey Nov 14 Exactly the #datascience tool I've been needing. Thanks #yhat. https://www.yhat.com/products/rodeo

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