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Type Advertisement
Industry Advertising
Founded 2009
Founder Chaya Soggot and Or Ben-Naftali
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Key people Ben Lifshits, Naama Manova-Twito, Omri Cohen, Shlomi Yosef
Number of employees 11 to 50

Woobi formerly called TokenAds is a company that deals with computer and video game advertisements along with monetization. Its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel and office in London, UK. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs Chaya Soggot along with Or Ben Naftali, skilled in Digital Marketing and Advertising. The organization concentrates on the improvement of providing solutions in advertising established on advanced algorithms. They focus on online social games and mobile games and for desktops. They offer free-to-play games to capacitate players that are non-paying by incorporating advertisements into the gameplay. The company provides their services worldwide.


The first product that Woobi provided was offering an advertising platform (offer wall) to promote Facebook Apps as a monetization solution. In the early months of 2014, an office was opened in London. Its focal point is In-Game Advertising. Numerous release in technological advances has been made by the company that has progressed. Without compromising the adventure and experience of a non-paying user, the company aspires to gain through value exchange by advertisements in the games.

In the founding year of 2009, when the company was called TokenAds, they initiated two concepts. One on Globalization – that facilitated brands are that native to reach out to the locals and globally by advertising. They also commenced Real-Time Optimization or RTO technologies that recalculated optimum values frequently.

Back in 2011, formats of an in-play advertisement were instituted. They were assimilated into gameplay.

In 2012, the technology for cross-game tracking originated which intended to revamp targeting competence of the user. This lead the company to invest in developing technologies that had a broader profile for users.

In 2013, they launched a platform that was based on cross-data profiling of the users.

In 2014, a patent for the innovate Dynamic Mindset Advertising technology was submitted by the company. This exemplary technology is established on an algorithm that has been incorporated into the game loops of f2p games. This identifies the precise way of thinking of the gamer that is inside gameplay to portray the relevant advertisements. In September of the same year, they re-branded from TokenAds to Woobi.


  • Industry: Gaming, Advertising, Technology
  • Supported Platforms: Mobile – YouTube, Adobe Air, HTML5, Android, Mobile Web, Flash, Marmalade, Desktop, Android, Vimeo, Corona, Unity, IOS, MP4
  • Pricing Models: CPV, CPI, CPA, CPL, CPD, CPE, CPM
  • Areas: APAC, Middle East, East Europe, West Europe, North America, South America
  • Target: Consumer Habits, Gameplay demeanor, Audience, Demographics, OS


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