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Weka offers a suite of algorithms for machine learning and tasks covers data mining tasks such as pre-processing, classification and clustering. Initially, The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis(WEKA1) which is sponsored by The New Zealand government investigate the application of machine learning to economically important problems in the agricultural industries. [1]

Weka creates a workbench for data analysis and predictive modeling that contains a collection of visualization tools and algorithms.


1994: The development of Weka was funded by a grant from the New Zealand Government's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology and the University of Waikato in New Zealand began development of the original version of Weka, which became a mix of Tcl/Tk, C, and Makefiles.

1997: Weka was redeveloped from scratch in Java, including implementations of modeling algorithms.

2000 : Weka was put on SourceForge in April 2000.

2005: Weka received the SIGKDD Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Service Award.In this year Weka was downloaded at a rate of 10,000/month.

2006 Pentaho Corporation acquired an exclusive licence to use Weka for business intelligence.[2]





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