Waste Industries

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Waste Industries
Type Public / Private
Industry Waste Management
Founded 1970
Slogan Welcome to a Cleaner World!
Headquarters Raleigh, NC
Number of employees 1600

Waste Industries is a provider of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling collection, transfer, and disposal services to the southeast United States. The company has over 1.6 million service points today and has continued to grow since it's creation in 1970.


Waste Industries was created as a waste management company in 1970 by Lonnie Poole Jr. in Ohio. Shortly after it's creation Lonnie Poole would move the company to Raleigh, NC where he went to college at. The company would later grow, becoming publically owned, then private again.

As of 2014, the company was valued at $570 million with over 1600 employees.


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