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What is Verify.Wiki?

Verify.Wiki was created by former Wikipedians(people who edit Wikipedia pages) to bring the power of Wikis for collaborative learning and content marketing. We observed that people who collaborate on Wikipedia projects slowly became the best subject matter experts in a field due to the rigorous peer review and fact checking process involved in creating and maintaining a wiki. We also noticed that people who work on wikis are the most informed about latest developments in a subject. By applying the same process to collaborative learning, we noticed that students and professionals are 40% more effective in learning the "big picture" of a real-world subject compared to traditional instructor lead courses. Today, thousands of students and professionals use Verify.Wiki certifications to learn subjects that are never taught in colleges or other professional learning avenues. Companies are using Verify.Wiki certifications to keep their employees trained on latest developments in very specific areas of their businesses. Employees learn in real-time by collaborating with experts and peers around the world by researching industry documents, latest conference presentations and news/social media on topics related to their jobs. The transparent and continuous collaborative nature of Verify.Wiki's courses keep your employees up-to-date with latest developments, even after they complete their certifications.

Where can I find the current certifications?

All current certifications are available on the following page. Current Certifications

How Verify.Wiki helps employees?

Verify.Wiki provides companies a platform to train employees in the following areas.

  • Learn latest developments in an industry topic by collaborating with peers around the world
  • Learn latest developments by researching about presentations given at conferences
  • Ability to work within a collaborative culture
  • Ability to argue about facts in a productive manner
  • Ability to work with people they have never met before
  • Willingness to make others successful

Can a company create a new course?

Absolutely. Companies can create their own private courses and certifications through the platform.

How Verify.Wiki is used for content marketing?

Learn how Verify.Wiki can help marketers do Content and Influencer Marketing. VerifyWiki:Content and Influencer Marketing