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Create a Collaborative Content Marketing Campaign via Verify.Wiki

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Verify.Wiki helps brands exploit the power of Wikis for Content and Influencer marketing

Verify.Wiki is helping major brands exploit the power of Wiki for content and influencer marketing. Verify.Wiki's crowd sourced and transparent approach to create a Wiki for a brand or awareness topic has shown 40% more effectiveness than traditional content and influencer marketing techniques.

  1. Create a Verify.Wiki page for your company, brand, campaign or an awareness topic with a template you decide
  2. Invite your followers via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to collaborate
  3. Your followers contribute and invite their network to verify their contributions - creating an organic viral effect
  4. You pick the winners who received the maximum number of verifications, and reward them with prizes, samples or coupons

It’s a win-win for both, brands and brand influencers

  • Your Verify.Wiki page will gain organic SEO, giving your brand and campaign an ever lasting presence online
  • Passionate nature of wikis - as proven by Wikipedia - will earn you the best brand influencers, forever
  • Your brand influencers will always ensure the page is accurate

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