Vantage Energy

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Vantage Energy
Type Public
Industry Oil & Gas
Headquarters ENGLEWOOD, CO
Key people Roger J. Biemans (CEO)
Number of employees 47 [1]



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  • Vantage Energy moves from IPO to acquisition - Vantage Energy will cede a 48,000 net acre position in the Marcellus shale formation in Greene County, and another 52,000 acres in the deeper Utica shale formation. [2]
  • Vantage Energy hits reset on IPO - The initial amount of the public offering is listed as $100 million. [3]
  • Vantage Energy plans to raise $100 million in IPO - . Back in September 2014, the oil and gas exploration company was planning an IPO to raise up to $731 million, but ended up postponing the offering citing market conditions. [4]

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