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Woobi new from tl.png
Type Private
Industry Mobile Ad Networks
Founded 2009
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Key people Chaya Soggot, Or Ben-Naftali (CEO)
Revenue $ 2.67bn (In expected 2017)

Woobi is an online ad agency specialized in gaming monetization and headquarters in Isreal. They provide wide range of game monetization products and services throughout 130 countries across the globe. The CEO and co-founder Chaya Saggot and Or Ben-Naftali earlier worked in the field of digital marketing and online advertising. The idea of woobi is to provide right ad to the right user by the use of an algorithem on DMA( Dynamic Mindset Advertising) tecgnology.


Woobi was founded in 2009 in the name as “TokenAds”, as an online ad agency. They introduced “Glocalization” concept which enables the local brands to advertise to the local audience on a global basis.

In the year 2011 TokenAds introduced in-play ad formats integrated into gameplay, enables the player to view ads in between the game.

In the year 2012 the cross-game tracking technology, focuses in improving the user targeting capabilities.

In the year 2014 TokenAds submitted a patent for its DMA( Dynamic Mindset Advertising) technology. And that year itself they renamed the company from TokenAds to Woobi.

About the Company

Woobi specializes in the development of native in-game advertising and monetization solutions for mobile, desktop and social games. Woobi’s DMA (Dynamic Mindset Advertising) technology is a unique technology which primarily focuses on identifying the exact right mindset within each user’s gameplay, to display the right ad content. Its more as if you will get what you need. They claim in the expertise in the most relevant ad content at key max-engagement moments within gameplay, per user, per game. This leads to introduces developers to significant greater game-enhancement monetization possibilities, and advertisers to significantly improved brand exposure. The DMA technology not only focuses on which content on whom and when, but just as important- when not to display an ad as to not interrupt the user’s experience. While applying DMA in games advertising we see not only an increase in engagement rates and conversion rates but also find that it prolongs the users' game play session and has a great impact on user LTV (life time value).

About The Team

  • Chaya Soggot – CEO and Co-founder
  • Or Ben-Naftali- CEO and Co-founder
  • Ben Lifshits- COO
  • Naama Monovva Twito- VP Marketing
  • Omri Cohen- CTO
  • Shlomi Yosef- VP Operations