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United BioSource Corporation
Type Public
Industry Hospital & Health Care
Founded 2003
Headquarters Blue Bell, PA USA
Number of employees 1,001-5,000 employees


United BioSource Corporation (UBC) is a leading provider of pharmaceutical support services, partnering with life science companies to make medicine and medical products safer and more accessible. The diverse suite of services helps bridge the gap between development and delivery and builds brand loyalty through patient access and adherence.

UBC is well known for their ability to generate authoritative, real-world evidence of product effectiveness, safety, and value to assist healthcare decisions and enhance patient care.

UBC also leads the market in providing integrated, comprehensive clinical, safety, and commercialization services.

Developing a drug, taking it through commercialization, and demonstrating its post-launch value and safety is a complex journey. Regulatory hurdles and payer decision-making are increasing the complexity around drug development and product choices. UBC has aligned our expertise and industry insight to help manufacturers make informed decisions early in the product journey that ultimately optimize care and improve patient outcomes.

UBC was founded in 2003 by industry experts with a passion for innovation and a commitment to working with pharmaceutical and biotech organizations in proving the safety, efficacy, and value of pharmaceutical and medical products. They have recognized the opportunity to build an organization tailored to meet the need for scientific evidence in the healthcare industry. And then quickly developed their core strength – the generation, analysis, and communication of real-world evidence throughout the product lifecycle.

By combining insight from data, understanding patient behavior, and the science behind clinical specialties, they help their clients make informed decisions and optimize the care given to patients using their therapies and products.



  • Clinical Development and Late Stage Research
  • Risk Management
  • Pharmacovigilance


  • Patient Access & Engagement Services
  • Nursing & Adherence


  • Product Access & Channel Management

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