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UMBRA is an innovative company providing a broad range of products and services to the Life and Health Science communities. The company has been developing its products and services for over 10 years with an absolute focus on Heath IT, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Medical Devices. [1]

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Type Private
Founded 2009
Key people 11-50 employees


Lifeography [2]

After a baby is born, they already have three separate health records: one from the OBGYN, one from the hospital, and one from the paediatrician.

Over the next couple of years, even healthy babies go to the ER, specialists, the dentist, therapists, and nutritionists. Pretty soon, they’ll have 10, 15, or more records, and none of them is talking to each other. Important information scattered around like this is dangerous. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a life-or-death situation, nobody has the time to track it all down: neither the parents nor the doctors. That’s when the guessing starts, mistakes are made, and people get hurt.

UMBRA allows parents to collect their baby’s information prior to delivery, through birth and as they grow. It is stored in a secure HIPAA certified environment, in one place and is kept current. It is owned and controlled by the parents, so their child’s data can be accessed by them and their doctors, from every source, to make informed decisions.

Lifeography is a lifelong record of an individual’s health experience. The UMBRA Lifeography app addresses the problem of today’s disjointed, incomplete medical records. The company brings all test results, procedures, medications, notes, genetic info, and lifestyle stats—from every doctor, clinic, hospital, or wellness facility a consumer’s ever been to—into one place. They then sync the record every time a change is made. Their clients own and control their health data—and make more informed medical decisions. UMBRA’s analytic capabilities will reveal predictive insights needed to lead a longer, healthier life.

Lifeography works seamlessly with more than 25 of the leading electronic health record systems. By adopting Lifeography, hospital systems and healthcare providers can expand the reach of their health systems. Lifeography can be the connective tissue to improve efficiency and reduce costs within the healthcare system. Furthermore, Lifeography will soon be able to provide health insights based upon de-identified cohort data that can help predict, prevent, and cure disease.[3]

Lifeography Benefits

  • Ownership and portability of medical records
  • Secure storage in the cloud
  • Second opinions are easy and timely
  • Eliminate delays and costs when moving
  • Ease of sharing among extended care teams
  • Minimize exposure to redundant procedures
  • EMT/paramedic access to records
  • Future identification of health markers
  • Peace of mind

Partners [4]

UMBRA's partners include:

  • Microsoft
  • The Georgia School of Orthodontics
  • Georgetown University
  • Epic
  • Allscripts
  • Cerner Code


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