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January 27, 2023_KayyKruegerDid you know Tylenol & ibuprofen just blocks any pain receptors not the actual pain itself , so it doesn’t make it… https://t.co/GdeRbSl4ex
January 24, 2023PaulRudnickNYClassified documents have been found at Mike Pence's Indiana home, including: - Ticket stubs from a movie rated PG-… https://t.co/j7IJ8IZFl8
January 20, 2023LetterkennyProbAdvil Roald & Flu, Tylenol Cold & Stew. https://t.co/d6p9rxcoK7
January 27, 2023fast0eddy@GBresimo @maladamus @JoeBell Tylenol has warnings and ingredients. And is not a mandatory vaccine. Vaccines and pa… https://t.co/L18Mwfg79O
January 27, 2023AllieValleyCat@Liz_Wheeler Pharma Joined forces w/the media to slander those who dare question them & the word antivax was born.… https://t.co/rVjWXef5T6

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