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May 17, 2022AlishaGrausoTIL that the U.S. Army parachuted dead mice stuffed full of Tylenol into Guam's forests to kill the invasive specie… https://t.co/gIfGVlNkt0
May 11, 2022nowthisnews‘Abortion pills are actually safer than Tylenol’ — Professor Carrie Baker breaks down how abortion pills work https://t.co/3qSwkqM0lL
May 10, 2022foundmyfitnessExposure to clinically-relevant doses of acetaminophen (Tylenol) for 7 days decreased testosterone production in hu… https://t.co/0OTDXa63Mw
May 16, 2022OrganicLiveFoodResearch shows #Sesame seeds r more effective than #Tylenol 4 improving knee #arthritis: https://t.co/RCCKrtZx4i wi… https://t.co/lf88FZtctq
May 16, 2022usagiousyour tylenol when you’re in pain https://t.co/yfEabBypYt

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