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January 22, 2021jumblejimNot gonna lie. By late night, my arm hurt mightily after the COVID shot, and even worse when I got up this morning.… https://t.co/NLESgUMAUc
January 24, 2021jumblejimSecond full day after first COVID shot: Arm is still sore, but better. Tylenol and ibuprofen take the curse off it… https://t.co/blvjDKtPXz
January 21, 2021DrOniBeeI’m now 24 hours after my 2nd #COVID19 dose and so far just have mild soreness at the injection site. I’m taking… https://t.co/77IU6V3yOI
January 27, 2021StoneDrawsI’m eating tylenol like it’s candy
January 27, 2021natcmhThis mouth pain😭 I might gotta hit the gas station for some tylenol cause this ain’t it.

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