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March 31, 2023JoeyAkanThe first thing I noticed quitting alcohol, is the gradual reduction of my waistline and the recalibration of my st… https://t.co/6iTHmOojeS
April 01, 2023porngumworld@vIad_jerkov Bro girls in the bell jar and bruh girls in the Tums jar be like hey hiii
April 01, 2023god_advanced@_BussyQueen i like bringing a cute iridescent fanny pack with a charger+tums+tylenol
April 01, 2023REmbarr@muhruh like truly where did the 270+ people on tums who voted in the pactageelentine poll COME FROM???
April 01, 2023TheCoachesPick@sak_shoes Yes ma'am!! Pass the Tums please.
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