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August 11, 2022StarTrekOnPPlusSun's out, tums out. Two weeks to Season 3! #StarTrekLowerDecks https://t.co/4OHsSGzL9c
August 17, 2022snnydazeeVaping gives me heartburn so I have found a solution. I will just become addicted tums as well as nicotine.
August 13, 2022DenaturedASeriously, how are there so many accounts that are just this? https://t.co/lFMGvxvKUf
August 16, 2022perlhackwelcome to your 40s, you now strongly feel that some flavors of Tums work better than others
August 17, 2022KellenCoxCoke Zero dreamworld tastes like if your dreams are “yum Tums”

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