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November 30, 2022GovCanHealth#RECALL: #TUMS Peppermint Regular Strength tablets (packaged in 3 rolls of 12 tablets). One lot (HA7H) recalled bec… https://t.co/7MhjRC7uv9
December 01, 2022CTVNewsCertain packages of TUMS antacid recalled, tablets may contain fibreglass and aluminum foil https://t.co/GXJnqhHpLj
December 01, 2022hikemonsterAt what age did your “Tums On The Nightstand” era begin?
December 01, 2022ctvsaskatoonCertain packages of TUMS antacid have been recalled after tablets were found to contain fibreglass fragments, alumi… https://t.co/ADIaqgvKYu
December 01, 2022JSCaledonTUMS Peppermint Regular Strength tablets: One lot recalled due to contamination - https://t.co/jHE1PFRDW3… https://t.co/uZndAPPtJT

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