The World Drug Safety Congress Americas

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The World Drug Safety Congress Americas
Date 2019-04-15
Place Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA

The World Drug Safety Congress Americas was the only commercially focused event for the pharmacovigilance community. In 2019 this event gathered over 50 Global Heads of Safety and Pharmacovigilance, as well as 150+ other speakers from the leading pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechs. Main topics centered on the advancement of next-generation technology and the data that has contributed to automating and improving PV methodologies, resulting in improved safety for patients. the 2019 edition featured a predictive safety track with hundreds of toxicology, non-clinical safety executives discussing toxicity measurement & data, translational safety, predictive models and trial design. In addition to that, new medical device program brought into perspective pharmacovigilance and safety approaches in apps, diagnostics, and combination products. [1]

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These are the 6 topic areas in the 2019 program:

  • PV Methodology: Through a focus on risk assessment, the Heads of Safety and PV will debate and brainstorm about the needed organizational structure, technology infrastructure, regulatory approach, and ways to improve post-market authorization, risk in the drug development life-cycle and pharmacoepidemiology.
  • Next Gen Tech & Data: Innovation in technology, data, evidence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are the key areas explored by the industry in our program as they promote approaches in data collection methods, signal detection, automation, adoption, and implementation.
  • Global PV: From a value assessment to regulatory harmonization, the Global PV focus of our program will address the approached to the internationalization of pharmacovigilance approaches as the industry penetrates new markets for medicines and medical devices.
  • Predictive Safety: Bringing together toxicology, translational data, trial design, and model selection to help your company increase the accuracy of safety predictions.
  • Medical Devices: No other conference addresses the evolving landscape of safety for medical devices from a practical and innovative perspective. This bold focus of our program will bring pharma, biotechs, medical device developers and regulatory agencies to discuss the need for modern regulation that meets patient safety needs.
  • Patient Safety [2]: By shifting “patient centricity” from rhetoric into practical applications, the industry will examine patient management and patient safety profiles and analyze their effects on safety with a focus on improving the patient experience as a whole.

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