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Pharma Consulting Group is a full-service CRO that’s committed to improving clinical studies through our scientific expertise, progressive technology and more effective ways of working. Their unique offering brings you the global reach, expertise and comprehensive services might expect from a large company, combined with the agility, focus and cost-effectiveness of a small company. Their capabilities range from early study advice through Phase I to Phase IV trials, supported by cutting-edge EDC technology.

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Type Public
Headquarters London
Number of employees 11-50 employees


2015 650 studies & 9.000 sites

  • As part of PCG’s continued progression and ambitious plans for expansion, a new company website was released. PCG’s number of studies and sites exceeded 650 and 9000 respectively. The rest is history in the making…

2014 New CEO

  • The number of employees exceeded 60 and Andy Babington took over as the new CEO.

2013 50 employees, 50 countries

  • With the release of the highly anticipated Viedoc 4 just around the corner, the future was looking more promising than ever. With 50 employees and activity in over 50 countries, PCG welcomed CEO Karin Meyer to lead global operations. As the company was at its most exciting phase, the system development and consultancy divisions were incorporated individually to enhance focus and stimulate growth.

2010 Goodbye, old office!

  • PCG moved into its new, 1000 sqm headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden.

2009 PCG earns a Gazelle

  • PCG was awarded with the "Gazelle" award by Dagens Industri (Sweden's largest business paper), celebrating the company's stable growth over the previous four years. In addition, a global contract was signed with Pfizer and PGC was formally established in Japan.

2008 Trips to Japan

  • The company grew to 25 employees and began its international division with emphasis on Japan.

2007 First international assignments

  • Word of PCG's revolutionary Viedoc platform was travelling fast. PCG gained its first client outside Sweden and started looking at international expansion to Japan.

2006 50 studies & 500 active sites

  • The offices were becoming too small as the company grew to 14 employees, with 50 studies and 500 active sites.

2005 From one to seven

  • The firm quickly grew to seven employees and became the first company in the world to get approved following the new EU Clinical Trials Directive. Assignments within biometrics were accompanied by the first clinical operations and PCG started exploring the opportunities for international establishment.

2004 First client

  • After receiving the first assignments from local biotech companies, the PCG team quickly realised that present EDC systems were outdated, resulting in time-consuming processes that shouldn't be necessary with 21st century technology. There simply wasn't a good enough solution on the market, so they decided to design their own, and Viedoc was born. Shortly thereafter, Claude Marcus became the first client to ever try the system. He's been with the firm since.

2003 PCG was founded

  • It all started with Henrik Blombergsson and Sverre Bengtsson, two experienced CRO professionals that grew tired of the outdated workflows of their industry. They took matters in their own hands by founding PCG, or Pharma Consulting Group, in their hometown of Uppsala, Sweden in 2003.


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