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Tech Observer is a Global Health Service Provider supporting Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device & Neutraceuticals in Clinical Development, Medical Affairs & Scientific Communication. It has strategically located offices in New Jersey: US (Headquarters), Sao-Paulo: Brazil, Beijing: China, New Delhi: India & Singapore covering major parts of the globe. Being ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14155:2011 certified company, believes quality & working ethics as its pillar stone. We are proud in providing strategic & real-time insights to client to achieve their goals. Our services range offer flexible solutions to our clients ranging from ‘standalone service’ to ‘end to end support’ for their studies.

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Type Private
Headquarters Paramus, New Jersey
Number of employees 201-500 employees

Key Services

• Clinical Data Management • Biostatistics & SAS Programming • Medical Writing • Clinical Operations • Pharmacovigilance • Medical Affairs • Scientific Communications


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