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TKL Research is a fully integrated network of clinical research centers serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer healthcare industries. Delivering results for over seventy years, we offer a purpose-built phase I clinical pharmacology unit as well as four outpatient clinics equipped for phase II-IV clinical trials. Our unrivaled comprehensive clinical management services make TKL Research the one stop for your study needs.

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Type Public / Private
Headquarters New Jersey, USA


Evolving is something that we know well. Our beginnings were in the sale of medical diagnostics. TKL Research came into being with the opening of our first clinic for single-center trials more than fifty years ago. We quickly became dermatological safety experts, and from there continued to grow and expand our capabilities to encompass a wide breadth of therapeutic areas. This success gave us the opportunity to add many supplemental services that were of much benefit to our sponsors. A new trajectory began as we became a full service clinical research facility with four independently owned outpatient clinical research sites and one inpatient clinical pharmacology unit. This growth culminated in 2014 when we opened our new, 28,000 sq ft custom-built pharmacology unit in the NY/NJ metro area. These locations have allowed us to tap into a very diverse volunteer population as well as making us easily accessible for sponsors and volunteers alike. Our evolution continues. TKL Research has had remarkable longevity in the investigational research industry. Our growth and success is due to our expertise and proficiency that can not be easily replicated. We offer our sponsors a comprehensive suite of services to take you from strategy through execution and beyond.

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QuintilesIMS purchases clinical trials division from TKL Research [1]

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