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Stan Cottrell
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Key people Stan Cottrell


Stan Cottrell is a well-recognized ultra distance runner, who has run enough miles to travel almost 10 times around the earth. He graduated in Bachelor of Science in Biology, Health, Sociology and Psychology and holds a Master of Science degree in Community Health Administration. He is also a speaker, author, adventurer, cross cultural specialist and world record setter. Stan founded a charitable, non-profit organization - the Friendship Sports Association - in 1985, which is aimed at utilizing sports and physical fitness activities as a base for building lasting friendships across the world. He holds several awards and accolades for running including the Guinness Book of World Records.


Stan Cottrell has run in dozens of countries spreading the message of friendship. He has run through different hills, mountains, and valleys interacting with different cultures and languages of people. Even he has been to places not permitted to enter by others like him. He runs for causes like raising funds charities or awareness among people. Most frequently and many of his races are known as “Friendship Runs”. He often runs for orphans and the welfare of engendered children. He has also run on the great wall of China many times and run around the world under the “Great Global Friendship Run”.


  • B.S. Degree in Biology, Psychology, Health, and Sociology.
  • Master of Science degree in Community Health Administration. 


  • Stan run all of his life around the world.
  • He has earned several certifications as well as keys to dozens of cities.
  • He has received 400 awards and dozens of accolades and appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Stand had pictures with presidents, prime ministers, and even dictators who praised his work.
  • Ten Senate and House Resolutions has been passed in his honor.
  • He appeared on different magazines and TV shows including Good Morning America, the White House, David Letterman, and Today Show.
  • He has achieved what is known as “The Oscar of Fitness” after induction into the Healthy American Fitness Leader’s Association in collaboration with the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
  • Interviewed CEOs, political leaders, and world power brokers on, internet radio network, 2-hour LIVE talk show every Friday.



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