Sinorama Corp.

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Sinorama Corp
Type Public
Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Founded 2005
Headquarters Montréal, Québec, Canada
Key people Jing Wenjia (CEO)
Number of employees 200 - 500 [1]

Sinorama Corp. are a travel operator company who generate revenues from the sale of self-developed products, including Bus Tour Products and Asian Tour Products. They also sell Third Party Products (Air tickets, Hotel and etc.). The revenues are primarily driven by sale of our self-developed Asian Tours Products. Every year, over 10,000 tourists from North America, Europe,Australia and New Zealand traveled to Asia with Sinorama, while tens ofthousands of tourists from China and around the world traveled with Sinorama in Canada, the United States and Europe. [2]


The Company’s subsidiaries include Sinorama Tours Co Ltd., Simon Qian Voyages, Vacances Sinorama Inc. and Sinorama Voyages.

  • Sinorama Tours is a privately held Limited Company registered in Samoa on June 03, 2015.
  • Simon Qian Voyages was established on October 12,2012, under the laws of Canada. Ms. JING Wenjia was 100% holding controlling interest of Simon Qian Voyages. On June 09, 2016, the sole Shareholder of Simon Qian Voyages Inc. Ms. JING Wenjia transferred 100% controlling interest to Sinorama Tours Co., Ltd.
  • Vacances Sinorama Inc. is a privately held, for-profit travel producer and seller, incorporated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in December 2004. Vacances Sinorama is a large integrated tour company providing Bus Tour, Asian Tour, Air Tickets, Hotel Reservation, Cruise and other solutions to its customers worldwide. Vacances Sinorama facilitate travel commerce with online and offline travel business, Vacances Sinorama is providing both business to customer (B2C) and business to business (“B2B”) travel commerce marketplace.
  • Sinorama Voyages is a privately held, for-profit travel producer and seller, incorporated in Paris, France on February 2012. It is an integrated travel company providing Bus Tour, Asian Tour to its customers worldwide.



  • 2005 - Sinorama Corp was established in Montreal
  • 2006 - Sinorama Corp first organized foreign tourists travel


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