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São Paulo, November 7, 2016 - ServiceNow, a company that offers solutions using the software as a service model, will be present at the 4th edition of the IT Forum Expo , demonstrating how information technology combined with the habits of the new digital age have created trends that Can increase productivity at work and make business processes more fluid and intuitive.

Recently, the company presented the global "Service Experience Index" study, which reveals that there is a discrepancy between the tools that people use in their daily lives and the technologies that are available in the workplace. "On one side are the significant technological advances that have modified or created new habits for society through services such as Uber, Amazon and Airbnb. On the other hand, we have most of the companies that are not integrating these capabilities into in door services for their employees, "says Katia Ortiz, [ServiceNow]'s country manager in Brazil. "This means that most people benefit from the technological advantages of 2016 at home and in their personal lives in general, but back to 1996 when they are at work," he said.

To reach that conclusion, over 2,400 managers from six countries were heard, who answered a series of questions detailing their experiences with common consumer services and typical business services.

"Companies typically focus entirely on their customers' experiences, focusing on building a relationship of satisfaction and loyalty," explains Dave Wright, Strategy Director at ServiceNow. "But these same principles are not taken into account in internal processes. The general idea is that it is very easy for a customer to take their business elsewhere; the same is not true when dealing with the employees themselves: if they do not like working with the HR department, there is no possibility of Another HR department, "the executive added.

This huge gap in service experience, identified in the study, is driven by outdated technologies that undermine productivity. In the professional environment, managers are five times more likely to use e-mailecinco times less likely to use an application . This trend has a direct impact on productivity: 79% of respondents stated that email monitoring interferes with the completion of tasks , as they spend an average of 4 hours a day (3h at work and 1h at home) processing work e-mails.

Still, only 28% of managers reported using the internet or a mobile application to open a case or request work-related services in the office. Finally, the study also shows how this shortfall undermines the performance and performance of the professionals: 69% of managers said that because of manual services in the workplace, less time is left for strategic initiatives . As a result, productivity drops and / or the stress level is higher.

About the search

· ServiceNow commissioned a study to the Lawless Research Institute to understand the work environment in companies with 500 or more employees · The survey, with an average duration of 10 minutes, was conducted between March 25 and April 4, 2016 in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom · About 2,400 managers who supervise at least one employee and use interdepartmental services · Research Now, an independent market research company, hosted the online poll and provided the profiles and contacts of the respondents · The margin of error for the study is ± 2.0 percentage points with a 95% confidence level. Significant difference tests were performed at the .01 level (99% probability that the difference is real, not by chance) This is the first time that ServiceNow supports the IT Forum Expo, an event that expects to gather more than 4,000 people, including IT decision makers. The company will have a booth at the WTC (Golden Hall) on 8 and 9 November. About ServiceNow

The ServiceNow is changing the way people work. Service-oriented for activities, tasks, and processes that involve day-to-day business, it helps modern businesses operate faster and with greater scalability. Customers use their service model to define, structure, and automate the workflow by removing e-mail dependencies and spreadsheets, and transforming delivery and service management into the enterprise. ServiceNow enables service management for all departments of the company, including IT, HR, facilities, services and more. Through its enterprise cloud, it offers a fast, automated user experience - designed to manage everything as a service. Present in Brazil since 2014, the company has more than 4 thousand customers around the world.

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