Selling of expired medicine.

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What is the News Story?

We had ordered Winsko Guinea pig M online through on 23rd February and got the delivery of the same today evening ( 27th Feb 2020 ). When we checked the expiry of the medicine we found out that it is already expired in the month of August 2019. From the bill the sellers information given as " Utekar Fisharies Pvt Ltd, Borivali East Mumbai ". Already made a complaint to Amazon but looks like their aproach is very casual in this regard. We can get our refund but thought it should be brought to the notice of authorities and the seller should be booked and action should be taken against them for doing such a serious mistake. Whether it is the life of a human or pet both are equally important. Attached the bill copies and photos of the medicine

Why the Story has Misinformation

Sold the expired medicine. The medicine got expired in the month of August 2019 but irrespective of the fact company sold the product.


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