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Type Private
Industry Software and Services
Founded 1976
Headquarters SAS Institute Inc.
100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513-2414, USA
Phone: 1-919-677-8000
Fax: 1-919-677-4444
Number of employees 14,059 (2015)

'SAS' is a Business Analytics software and Service provider which offers its own business users to all-in-one tools for Data Analysis like Advanced Analytics, Multivariate analyses, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Predictive Analytics. Besides analyzing a stream of data, SAS also to extracts the data from the various operational frameworks like beyond Hadoop, SQL and mine the valuable information from them to approach. SAS incorporates data visualization to reveal patterns and trends to helps the gain clarity over the data sources.

SAS was found in the year '1976', as SAS institute the facilitate research in the agricultural departments in the North Carolina State University. In 2016, the company is one of the World's largest privately held software business and its software is used in 91 of the top "100" Companies listed on '2015' FORTUNE 500 companies. SAS claims that they offer the predictive analyses to every feature for a data scientist or a business user could ever want. "[1]"

SAS has a worth of "$3.16 bn" in the year 2015 and around 25% of its revenue is being re-invested in Research and Development. The company has offices around 59 countries around the world. The company ranks "No.2" among the world's best Multinational workplaces and got the award in the year 2015. SAS has been listed among the top star workplaces in (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and UK).

The SAS software eligible to complicate with more than 200 components [2]. SAS has been growing its prediction in Risk, Fraud and Security Pacakge with intelligence. [3].


1966 - Idea to develop a statistical software who was initiated.

1971 - SAS 71 were published as a limited release.

July 1, 1976 - Barr, Goodnight, Sall and Helwig got out from the North Carolina State University and incorporated SAS Institute, Inc.

1980 - Incurred worth is $10 million Revenue.

1985 - SAS was rewritten in C-programming language that allows the software to run on UNIX, MS-Dos, Windows.

1990 - SAS version 6.0 was available to run on Macintosh, OS/2, Silicon graphics and Primos.

1999 - SAS version 8.0 and SAS Enterprise Miner was released.

2000 - Incurred ($1.1 bn) Revenue

2002 - Text Miner Software was introduced.

2008 - SAS announced the Project Unity for data for quality, integration and management.

2014 - SAS launched the 'SAS Analytics U' to provide free fundamental technologies to support the students and teachers.

2015 - SAS revenue was ($3.16 bn).


SAS sued World Programming Ltd.(WPL) on Sept, 2009 in the "UK", for violating the copyright infringement and breach the licensing agreement[4]. The jury decided all those issues in SAS’s favor and Under North Carolina’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices law, the actual damages of $26,376,635 which tripled in $79.1 m.

Revenue Break-up

Banking - 26% Government - 15% Services - 11% Insurance - 10% Life sciences - 7% Communications - 7% Manufacturing - 6% Healthcare - 5% Retail - 5% Energy and Utilities - 3% Capital Markets - 3% Education - 2%

Revenue percentage by region [5]

49% were in 'America'

13% were in 'Asia Pacific'

38% were in 'Europe,Middle East and Africa'

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Recent News Headlines

1. Duke Clinical Research Institute and SAS Open a Heart-Disease Data to Research - The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and analytics leader SAS will provide researchers worldwide with data management and analytics tools to explore the 45 years of cardiovascular patient in data collection by the Duke University Health System on June 2, 2016. [6]

2. SAS and Engineering collaborate to create Vagelos Institute for Energy Sciences and Technology. [7]

3. Which Shop Director is using analytics to transform itself into a digital leader - The retail and financial services company is also exploring the potential for conversational UIs, virtual reality and AI on May 25, 2016. [8]

4. SAS® Is the Most Valuable Career Skill, from per Money and PayScale Study - A massive study confirms that what thousands of employers already know: SAS® Analytics skills are the most valuable skills to candidate to bring to the job market. Money and PayScale "analyzed 54 mn employee profiles were across 350 industries, with 15,000 job titles - from entry-level workers to top execs. The result: an authoritative list of the skills with the best payoff in the workforce today." on May 26, 2016. [9][10]

5.SAS Institute Inc launches a new tools for the cloud age - SAS Viya, announced the SAS founder and "CEO" Jim Goodnight during his keynote from where is an open, cloud-ready to architecture that allows anyone to access the power of analytics while still providing the development to address the big problems, on May 2, 2016. [11].



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