Root Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Root Info Solutions
Type Private
Industry Software Development
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Shekhar Juneja
Number of employees 55+

Root Info Solutions is an Information technology consulting, software development, modernization, maintenance and support services provider based in London, UK[1]. Established in 2004, Root Info Solutions has carved out a niche of its own in the volatile and challenging market.

The services offered by Root Info Solutions are fueling the business endeavor of over 170 clients worldwide[2] across a spectrum of industries from hospitality and healthcare to retail, manufac, uring and finances to real estate.

Though the company has got an in-depth knowledge in carving out excellence from across a myriad of technologies, their iOS app development[3], Android app development and PhoneGap app development services truly standout. Over 500 apps built by them are enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to accomplish their missions and visions.


Root Info Solutions was established in 2004 by Shekhar Juneja[4], a tech savvy professional[5], who by the time had had almost a decade of expertise in transforming the digital strategy of small and medium businesses, startups and nonprofits.

The company with its headquarters in London, UK[6], is registered as Root Info Solutions Pvt Ltd with Companies Home, the registrar of companies, UK Govt.

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