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Reliance Life Sciences is part of the Promoter Group of Reliance Industries Limited. RLS was established to develop business opportunities in medical biotechnology with key initiatives in biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, clinical research and molecular diagnostics. Reliance Institute of Life Sciences is a not-for-profit organisation, focusing on competency development in Biotechnology, not only for Reliance Life Sciences but also for the industry. The institute offers a wide range of competency development programs and diploma programs in Biotherapeutics and Clinical Research.

Reliance Life Sciences initiative is one of the most diverse and integrated biotechnology initiatives being developed anywhere in the world.

Consistent with the diversity and depth of its initiatives, Reliance Life Sciences has a professional team comprising substantially of Ph. Ds, M.Ds, Engineers and Post Graduates in Science. The average age of the Reliance Life Sciences team is 33 years. 26% of the employees are women.

RLS operates state-of-the-art facilities in life sciences domain. The flagship facility is Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Centre (DALC) in Navi Mumbai. Spread over 20 acres, DALC is among the most diverse and integrated life sciences campuses in the world. Its diversity stems from the wide spectrum of areas of research and development undertaken and its integration comes from repository, laboratory research, pre-clinical research, clinical research and manufacturing facilities; all located in the same campus. A second facility is in Bangalore, for clinical pharmacology and clinical data management.

Today RLS is a fully-integrated life sciences industry player with in-house capabilities in research, pre-clinical and clinical development, process development, commercial-scale manufacturing, marketing and local sales organization. The company employs about 800 people, many of whom have PhDs or post-graduate degrees.

The Pharmaceuticals initiative of Reliance Life Sciences is focused on developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) for domestic and global markets in the categories of:

Oncology products Hyaluronate Injection Reliance Life Sciences markets Oncology APIs and the following formulated products:

Formulations TemoRel® (Temozolomide) ReliCitabine® (Capecitabine) ReliTrexed® (Pemetrexed) ImatiRel® (Imatinib mesylate) ErlotiRel ® (Erlotinib) SynoLife™ / SynoLife One™ (Hyaluronate Injection) ReliPac™ (Paclitaxel) ReliDoce™ (Docetaxel) ReliTecan™ (Irinotecan hydrochloride) AzatiRel™ (Azacitidine for Injection) BortiRel® (Bortezomib) ReliDomide™(Lenalidomide) TerliRel™(Terlipressin) Isabis™(Sodium hyaluronate ) LeuproRel™(Leuprolide) These products are manufactured in cGMP facilities:

Plant 3 - Kilo scale facility for Pharmaceutical APIs with containment facilities for oncology products at Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Center, Navi Mumbai.

Plant 6 - A manufacturing facility for oncology formulations (oral solid dosages and injectibles) at Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Center, Navi Mumbai

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Type Private
Number of employees 501-1,000 employees


  • Contract Biology Research Services
    • Gene Isolation, Cloning and Sequencing
    • Protein Expression in bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells
    • Construction of cDNA and genomic DNA libraries
    • Development and Purification of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
    • Process Development for fermentation and purification of recombinant proteins
    • Development of in vitro and cell-based assays
    • Analytical Testing of protein products
  • Toxicity and Efficacy
    • Single dose toxicity Studies
    • Repeated dose toxicity Studies
    • Genotoxicity Studies
    • Sensitization Studies
    • Safety handler Studies
  • Specialized Animal Experimentation
    • Studies in SPF rodents and Immuno-deficient mice
    • Generation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
    • Development of animal models for human diseases
    • Supply of specific surgical models of rats and mice
  • Related Services
    • Histopathology
    • Exploratory Toxicity Studies
    • Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology
  • Other Services
    • Genetic and Health Monitoring (specific micro organisms only) of laboratory rodents
    • Consultancy for Animal House planning, design and layout
    • Advanced Training Courses in laboratory animal management


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