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Rahul Megh Arya [1]is an Indian TikToker,YouTuber,Actor.

Rahul Megh Arya
Rahul Megh Arya.jpg
Born Rahul Megh Arya

17 June 1997 (age 22)
Panchkula,Haryana, India

Nick name Rahul
Nationality Indian
Height 5.3 feet
Residence Shahzadpur,Haryana,India
Address Shahzadpur, Haryana India
Profession Actor
Parents Ramesh Chand (father)

Sunita Rani (mother)

Official sites Twitter, Instagram


Rahul Megh Arya[2] (born 17 June 1997 at Panchkula, Haryana). He is one of the popular Tik-Tok [3]and Like star known for his videos and modeling at exotic locations. The actor [4] came to limelight with Tik-Tok and Youtube where people loved his intense, funny and romantic acting. He has a huge fan following [5] from across the world. The actor has gained huge popularity in a short period of time and holds great future ahead in the industry.


Rahul Megh Arya [6]is an actor, model and Director. He is primarily known for his amazing Tik-Tok videos. The actor has thousands of followers on Instagram. He is one of the most loving online model and actor who rose to fame with Tik-Tok and YouTube [7].

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