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Adverse drug reaction can be defined as the Harmful reaction caused due to any medicinal product. ADR may vary with Patient characteristic viz. Age, Gender and Genetic factors and Drug factors (Drug Dosage, Duration of treatment and type of drug).

Types of ADR: 1- Overdose reactions 2- Idiosyncratic reactions.

1- Overdose reactions:- Overdose reactions are usually predictable. for example, A patient takes a drug regularly to keep his Blood pressure to the normal level, but sometimes he may feel dizziness or anxiety if the drug reduces the blood level below normal range.

2- Idiosyncratic reactions:- Idiosyncratic reactions are unpredictable. For example, some drugs may cause rashes on a skin, or gastrointestinal diseases like Diarrhoea or jaundice, Anaemia, reduces WBC's count.