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Founded 2016
Headquarters Durham, North Carolina, United States
Key people *Ari Bousbib chairman and CEO
*Michael McDonnell Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
*James Erlinger III Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Number of employees 50,000


IMS Health and Quintiles are now IQVIA.

Sharing a Vision to Drive Healthcare Forward

IQVIA committed to bringing clients the best in creative problem solving, enabling healthcare companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and ultimately drive human health forward.

Healthcare is an industry designed to help humans. As a global community, IQVIA continuously invests and commits to advancing human health. To deliver value and real outcomes. To rise to the challenge to find the next breakthrough by making the most of increasingly limited resources.

IQVIA is inspired by the potential and propelled by the possibilities. The IQVIA team shares the vision to drive healthcare forward. To see how the team can help accelerate progress and achievements. IQVIA does our part by using breakthroughs in insights, technology and human intelligence to re imagine and deliver ways to help make them a reality.

It’s bigger than better clinical trials. Or advances in technologies and analytics. Or faster insights. It’s about exploring a new path to better health outcomes via Human Data Science. It’s about harnessing the power of the IQVIA CORE™ to channel the insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise that drive maximum value for IQVIA's customers.

IQVIA is committed to providing solutions that enable life sciences companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and, ultimately, drive human health outcomes forward.


QuintilesIMS (NYSE:Q) is a new company built from a foundation of deep experience and capabilities. The approach is designed to help top pharma clients to move healthcare forward.It provides solutions to healthcare companies through analytics, data science and human science, claiming expertise in research and development, real-world value and outcomes, commercialization and technologies. On May 3rd 2016, IMS Health and Quintiles announced their intention to merge in order to create a global leader in healthcare intelligence. QuintilesIMS started a new chapter on October 3rd 2016, as a publicly traded company serving clients in 100+ markets—working to advance healthcare by seamlessly connecting clinical and commercial execution to real-world outcomes. Transform clinical development by connecting healthcare data, new technologies, advanced methodologies and scientific expertise. Combined, these resources increase your understanding of how patients are treated and which sites have the targeted potential population. They help provide new levels of understanding around what clinical outcomes lead to commercial success. They provide you with real-world information to help you confidently value your advancements. They connect these capabilities to significantly improve clinical trials’ process and results. In other words QuintilesIMS (NYSE:Q) is a company dedicated to using analytics and science to help healthcare stakeholders find better solutions for their patients.

Maximize asset value Increase predictability Shorten timelines (Ref//www.quintilesims.com/solutions/transform-clinical-development//Ref).

QuintilesIMS offers expertise in an integration between big data, technology and operational capabilities that deliver value and real outcomes. Connecting all those points in ways that haven’t been seen before. And that will empower the company to provide new solutions to help moving healthcare forward. QuintilesIMS’ cloud-based proprietary technology solutions help optimize the design and execution of clinical trials. Company serves, Pipeline viability and potential investment evaluation, comprehensive cost, risk and commercial opportunity analysis, Market access and HTA risk assessment to inform valuation, Integrated commercial and clinical data plus operational experience to reduce assumptions, Evidence-based risk profiling for product development and regulatory assessment[2] In QuintilesIMS, an uncommon blend of clinical and technology experts are working on the world’s largest and most diverse set of healthcare information, including privacy protected, anonymized patient level data to provide granularity. QuintilesIMS is committed to investing in technology supported by best practice processes and also the transformation of clinical development occurs by connecting healthcare data, new technologies, advanced methodologies and scientific expertise. 

QuintilesIMS has a global team of 50,000, and it harnesses insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results[3] Global real-world data (RWD) transforms healthcare by improving your understanding of patients, treatments, outcomes and costs. Harness its power for commercial insights as well as to generate evidence for scientific purposes IMS Health and Quintiles announce intention to merge to create a global leader in healthcare intelligence. Build a reusable foundation of broad and clinically rich RWD through prospective studies, existing healthcare databases and therapeutic area data networks.Access technologies (E360), scientific and commercial expertise and analytic approaches to help all functions use these insights:

Epidemiology & drug safety outcomes research market access, HE modeling Patient landscapes Brand performance

Integrating global information can maximize performance, helping you create value. QuintilesIMS is committed to investing in technology supported by best practice processes. Our cloud-based solutions help:

Accelerate results across the product life cycle anticipate challenges and realize opportunities to maximize value while maintaining patient safety.

QuintilesIMS has four main offerings which include transform clinical development, create commercial value, real world insight and innovate with technology.

QuintilesIMS aims to transform clinical development by connecting healthcare data, new technologies, advanced methodologies and scientific expertise. Combined, these resources increase the understanding of how patients are treated and which sites have the targeted potential population. They help provide new levels of understanding around what clinical outcomes lead to commercial success. They provide real-world information to help you confidently value your advancements. They develop and connect these capabilities to significantly improve clinical trials’ process and results. [4]

QunintilesIMS is Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results. Realizing the full potential of innovations. And, ultimately, driving healthcare forward.[5]

Around the world healthcare stakeholders are working to improve real-world patient outcomes through treatment innovations, care provision and access to healthcare. For the information, technology and service solutions they need to drive new insights and approaches, they count on QuintilesIMS. With a global team of 50,000, we harness insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results. Realizing the full potential of innovations. And, ultimately, driving healthcare forward

Maximize asset value Increase predictability Shorten timelines

CEO: Ari Bousbib (Oct 2016–)

Founder: Dennis B. Gillings

Founded: February 1982, North Carolina, United States In 1982, Dennis Gillings founded and incorporated Quintiles Transnational in North Carolina.[3] Quintiles Transnational established Quintiles Pacific Inc. and Quintiles Ireland Ltd. in 1990,[4] and in 1991 Quintiles GmbH was established in Germany and Quintiles Laboratories Ltd. was established in Atlanta, Georgia.[5] In September 1996, Quintiles purchased Innovex Ltd. of Britain for $747.5 million in stock.[6] Quintiles went public in 1997 and completed a successful secondary stock offering.[7] Over 2016 concluding on October 3, Quintiles underwent a $17.6 billion merger with IMS Health becoming QuintilesIMS.[1][8] R Careers at QuintilesIMS:


QuintilesIMS provides a range of biopharmaceutical development services and commercial outsourcing services to companies operating in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, with a view to optimizing their commercialization and clinical trials processes.

Business segments

QuintilesIMS organises its operations into two reportable business segments:

Product Development, which comprises the Company’s clinical solutions and services and consulting, and provides services and expertise that enable biopharmaceutical companies to outsource the clinical development process from first-in- man clinical trials to post-launch monitoring; and Integrated Healthcare Services, which provides the healthcare industry with customized commercialization designed to accelerate the commercial success of biopharmaceutical and other health-related products by recruiting, training, deploying and managing a global sales force, and providing channel management, patient engagement services, market access consulting, brand communication, advisory services, and health information analytics and technology consulting. [6]

Sri Lanka’s healthcare infrastructure continues to evolve. The government is promoting disease prevention and healthier living and improving healthcare access to address the rapidly growing incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases. Expansion of the private hospital sector, helped by liberalization of foreign investment and encouragement of medical tourism and the medical travel industry, presents further growth opportunity.


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1. Happy Holidays from #IQVIA! This year we were inspired by the many exciting advances in #HumanDataScience and technology. We look forward to helping you drive #healthcare forward in 2018[[2]]

2. What are best practices you should be using with your laboratory for successful companion diagnostic development? Learn more, plus discover key trends for personalized medicine, in Q² Solutions’ scientific presentation. [[3]]

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QuintilesIMS is a leading integrated information and technology-enabled healthcare service provider worldwide, dedicated to helping its clients improve their clinical, scientific and commercial results. Formed through the merger of Quintiles and IMS Health, QuintilesIMS’s 50,000 employees conduct operations in >100 countries. Companies seeking to improve real-world patient outcomes and enhanced clinical trial outsourcing through treatment innovations, care provision and access can leverage QuintilesIMS’s broad range of healthcare information, technology and service solutions to drive new insights and approaches. QuintilesIMS provides solutions that span clinical to commercial bringing clients a unique opportunity to realize the full potential of innovations and advance healthcare outcomes. [1]

QuintilesIMS Institute Report Identifies Nine Evidence-based Approaches to Transform Drug Development and Commercialization:

The report—Connecting Insights: Bringing Better Outcomes from Pipeline to Patient Using Data and Analytics—highlights nine evidence-based approaches:

Improving study design by better linking indications and target endpoints. In every randomized controlled trial (RCT), therapeutic agents must be tested against defined potential indications. Often, a clinical study will succeed or fail based on the primary outcome endpoints that are chosen. Real-world insights, shared data and large data sets that supplement RCTs can help identify precise and useful primary outcome endpoints. They also can enable more rapid validation and acceptance of surrogate endpoints. Improving patient targeting through better inclusion/exclusion criteria and biomarker-based segmentation approaches. Biomarkers are a measurable indicator of a biological state or condition. Historically, biomarker identification has been conducted during pre-clinical research on a small scale. The advent of gene expression profiling, genetic analysis and genomic profiling now enable target and biomarker discovery to be applied beyond pre-clinical research to clinical studies and practice. Optimizing site identification and improving site efficiency. Maximizing the value of a clinical asset largely depends on smart program and trial designs. Where clinical trials are located is critically important—requiring consideration of many site-selection measures. Applying new data types and innovative analytics can increase patient-per-site enrollment while minimizing protocol amendments. Executing clinical studies more efficiently via risk-based monitoring. Clinical trial site monitoring accounts for an estimated 21 percent of the total cost of clinical trials, making it the single highest cost factor for drug development. Risk-based monitoring (RBM) is an effective way for identifying site-related risks before they create issues and unnecessary costs. These approaches require large amounts of longitudinal data covering sites, study types and indications. Using big data modelling tools, risk patterns can be identified and mitigation strategies developed—particularly for known failure points that follow study start-up. Improving standards of care and outcomes analysis to determine optimal care paths. Applying rigorous analysis to real-world treatment patterns, resource utilization and patient outcomes can yield actionable insights for healthcare stakeholders. Electronic medical records combined with registries, claims data and other sources of evidence can complement clinical research and drive innovative patient care solutions. Lifting levels of patient adherence in medication use. The economic consequences of patient non adherence are estimated to account for 4.6 percent of global total health expenditure, representing the majority of the world’s total avoidable costs linked to sub optimal medicine use. The movement toward outcomes-based contracting, the shift of risk from payer to provider and the greater use of value-based insurance design are all contributing to a greater focus by stakeholders on this issue. Advances in technology and data analytics are enabling new approaches that: recognize the diversity of underlying drivers of patient non adherence; apply predictive analytics to stratify patients based on risk and consequences of non adherence; using a broader range of interventions including low-cost smartphone-based apps; and integrate adherence measures into patient records. Reaching physicians and patients with appropriate medicines. Linking real-world data with analytics is generating new insights to better understand patient habits, health journeys and engagement with healthcare professionals, as well as to measure patient outcomes. This also helps identify physicians likely to have patients who can benefit from new medicines so that manufacturers can efficiently provide relevant educational information to those prescribers. Evaluating medical value and real-world evidence in decision-making. A proliferation of frameworks and assessment approaches now exist in response to increased calls for new medicines to demonstrate “evidence of value” to patients and health systems. These new approaches increasingly draw on information and analysis that go beyond traditional RCT data and include electronic medical records, claims data, mortality data, consumer data, registries, data collected in observational studies and chart reviews. Applying post-market data to drive portfolio planning and predict market dynamics. The biopharmaceutical industry increasingly is focused on niche segments such as rare diseases and patient sub-populations. The relative scarcity of precise data within these sectors presents challenges when making commercial decisions during asset development and deployment. Companies are addressing these challenges by leveraging real-world insights to measure patient populations in complex settings and using advanced analytics to bridge gaps in data availability.Transform Clinical Development QuintilesIMS has highly specialized expertise to manage increasing complexity Transform Healthcare with Real-World Insights Innovate with Technology Quintiles IMS to Become Industry-Leading Information and Technology-Enabled Healthcare Service Provider DANBURY, CT and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 3, 2016 – IMS Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:IMS) and Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc. (NYSE:Q) announced today that their respective boards of directors approved a definitive merger agreement, pursuant to which the companies will be combined in an all-stock merger of equals transaction. The merged company will be named Quintiles IMS Holdings, Inc. Based on the closing of IMS Health and Quintiles common stock prices on May 2, 2016, the equity market capitalization of the joined companies is more than $17.6 billion and the enterprise value is more than $23 billion. The 2015 pro forma reported revenue for Quintiles IMS was $7.2 billion; adjusted EBITDA was $1.7 billion and adjusted non levered free cash flow was $1.3 billion. Please see attached appendix for reconciliation of non-GAAP measures. Under the terms of the merger agreement, IMS Health shareholders will receive a fixed exchange ratio of 0.384 shares of Quintiles common stock for each share of IMS Health common stock. Upon completion of the merger, IMS Health shareholders will own approximately 51.4 percent of the shares of the combined company on a fully diluted basis and Quintiles shareholders will own approximately 48.6 percent of the combined company on a fully diluted basis. Quintiles Chief Executive Officer, Tom Pike, said, “This combination addresses life-science companies’ most pressing needs: to transform the clinical development of innovative medicines, demonstrate the value of these medicines in the real world, and drive commercial success. We are bringing together two best-in-class leaders. I’m confident that together we will make our clients even more successful.” Ari Bousbib, chairman and chief executive officer of IMS Health, stated, “Together our solutions will enable differentiation in the CRO market, advance Real-World Evidence capabilities, and deliver comprehensive commercial solutions for our clients. This powerful combination brings together leading technology and analytics with deep scientific expertise delivered on a global scale by our 50,000 immensely talented professionals in more than 100 markets. Our combined business will accelerate growth, yield greater operating efficiencies and provide more flexibility for future expansion.”

Strategic Rationale Improve clinical trial design, recruitment and execution in the $100 billion biopharma product development market by combining IMS Health’s rich, global information solutions with Quintiles’ industry-leading product development skills. Create a distinctive global Real-World Evidence solutions platform by combining a leading portfolio of anonymous patient records, technology-enabled data collection and observational research experts to address critical healthcare issues of cost, value and patient outcomes. Further differentiate commercial analytics and outsourcing services to support the efficiency of life sciences’ commercial organizations. Financial Rationale Accelerate revenue growth, adding an anticipated 100 - 200 basis points to the combined annual growth rate by the end of year three. Expect to achieve annual run-rate cost savings of $100M by the end of year three. Accretive to Adjusted Diluted EPS in 2017 maintain financial flexibility with combined gross and net leverage as of December 31, 2015 of 4.0 times and 3.2 times Adjusted EBITDA, respectively. Optimize utilization of both companies’ tax assets. Management, Governance and Headquarters The combined company expects to maintain dual headquarters in Danbury, CT and Research Triangle Park, NC. Ari Bousbib, chairman and chief executive officer of IMS Health, will become chairman and chief executive officer of the merged organization. Tom Pike, chief executive officer of Quintiles, will become vice chairman. The company’s Board of Directors will be comprised of six directors appointed by the Quintiles Board of Directors and six directors appointed by the IMS Health Board of Directors. The lead director will be Dennis Gillings, CBE, Ph.D. [2]

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