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Purplepatch Services
Type Private
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2005
Slogan Tell Brilliant Stories.

Accelerate Sales Cycles.

Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Key people https://www.linkedin.com/in/karthiksundaram/

Purplepatch helps you tell brilliant stories. Of your products delivering disruptive benefits. Of your services helping transform your customers’ business processes. We craft your stories that communicate, convince, and build context for your business growth.

About Us

Since 2005, we have worked with numerous small, medium, and large B2B products and services firms to break out of their molds, deliver brilliant campaigns, and create inspiring brands.

We remain laser-focused on helping our clients shorten the time to achieve their goals: whether it be increasing revenue, expanding into new markets, attracting top talent, setting up for an IPO or for an acquisition.

Since inception, we have continuously evolved as the technology markets have evolved and grown: from how smart phones changed content consumption patterns, from traditional enterprise license marketing to setting up clients for SaaS licenses and customer retention, from one-size fits all marketing to audience-based persona-driven customized marketing programs, and executing integrated campaigns that drive double digit conversions.

Our B2B Marketing Services

The team of B2B marketing experts at Purplepatch can help you every step of the way. From setting up your digital presence to helping build buyer personas, content journeys, and developing contextual outreach through every buying stage, we can take your product and service through the complex navigation of the buying cycle. By delivering brilliant stories in every step of the B2B marketing process, you can accelerate your sales cycles.

B2B Marketing Strategy

As B2B marketing experts, we begin with Strategy: understanding every client’s objectives, challenges, unique product approach and design.

B2B Digital Branding

We are always working with product and services companies that struggle with B2B Branding.

B2B Content Marketing

Helping B2B product and services clients to transform their traditional factual marketing content into compelling, buyer-aligned, multi-channel assets.

B2B Web Experience

Consider the B2B buying experience to extend across your product or services’ online and offline presence.

B2B Technologies

Implement better B2B customer experience by working in marketing automation, cms and chatbots.

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